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Obama Phone Lady

You’ve got to be kidding me, You won’t get a phone if you vote for Romney? Listen I live in Connecticut, my vote is about as meaningless as a eye drop of water in the ocean; I just might go for the phone. In the Connecticut you are either work for the state or you’re living off of it. This is a deep blue state, the ultra rich here will take the shot in the arm, knowing that in the long run this communist government will eventually crush the middle class and elevate their power.

This lady is not crazy, she is the product of decades of conditioning and emotional paralysis. She is the best evidence that the powerful elite are succeeding in their quest to transform us into mindless cattle that depends on government. Can you possibly imagine this woman has a clue what the national debt is or the importance of its reduction? Hell no, this woman is the prototypical brain-dead bag of flesh that progressives continue to cultivate in urban America.

I guarantee that if a candidate whose sole intent was to destroy the great nation that afforded these idiots the opportunity to breath, offered up $5,000 for everyone that votes for him, he would be unbeatable. Wait, Obama is well on his way toward pulling the plug on the great experiment, and he’s giving away a lot more than five grand per person.
Glock Russman’s Corner 09/29/12