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Obama calls out the dogs

The Obama regime is desperately whipping it’s dogs into a bloodthirsty frenzy, in an effort to counter the passionate pleas of freedom exploding from concerned Americans around the nation. Watching their liberties being threatened, citizens from both parties are poised to to take a stand. The fire that has rapidly spread, has taken the President and his cronies by surprise, they can’t quite fathom a knowledgeable citizenry challenging his agenda.

High powered politicians staring blankly at each other, “ duh, aren’t these people supposed to just fold up and obey?” These pompous hacks are actually taken back by a public whose better versed on the Obama-care than they are; imagine that, how arrogant these parasites are, they are irritated by this inconvenience. Nancy Pelosi wants us to believe that the revolt is comprised of greedy insurance agents and dissenting GOP members.

In his recent sales pitch to the American public, President Obama recalled how his typical white grandmother received a hip replacement while being diagnosed as terminally ill. The President suggested that because she was family he would have paid for the operation, had insurance not covered it. Under the Obama-care plan, the President wants to give patients like his grandmother pain pills, in lieu of expensive surgery, being that they are unproductive tax drains.

And here is the Obama regimes legacy. What becomes of family members who can’t afford to pay for their elderly loved ones operation? What happens if they aren’t as financially blessed as Obama? They won’t have the choice! Let me say it again, they won’t have a choice! The entire structure of Obama-land is built on the premise that if your wealthy, you count. If your middle class, we will tax you and beat you down to serf-dome. And when your a lowly serf, we will feed you just enough, we will clothe you just enough, and yes, we will give you just enough Obama-care.

So while the President’s attack dogs, search for more elegant lies to sum up how great Obama-care will be, they will simultaneously attempt to marginalize the detractors. They will paint freedom loving Americans as obnoxious blowhards, who crash town hall meetings looking to shout down their representatives. But don’t believe it, this is a movement, this is a revolution. American people are coming together; black, white, democrat, or republican, it doesn’t matter. And it is significant, and it is beautiful. The government controlled media won’t let you know that.