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Obama calling McFly..anyone home?

One of the unwritten rules of conversation or confrontation is to know that you have a very limited moment in which to react or respond, when an opponent delivers a verbal or even physical shot.. Just a very small window for retort, this is what separates the quick witted winner from the dulled down loser. (sorry non-winner) You simply have to wing it, and the Law of Truths will usually dictate he who’s on the right side of history will emerge victorious. In other words it’s easy to find the words when you are expressing the truth or something you know to be right.

Last nights debate revealed that President Obama is neither truthful or on the right side of history. He struggled to maintain appropriate eye contact with his political adversary, his gaze kept referring down to his notes and papers, as if they could ever rescue him. It certainly seemed he was trapped in an intellectual paralysis without his trusted teleprompter. Mitt marched over the former demagogue, with quick and even tempered dialog. For weeks the Presidents attack apparatus had been pounding Romney with erroneous or exaggerated claims, the 47%, jobs out sourced, protecting the rich, blah, blah, blah.

However on this night the President would have looked silly preaching that tabloid rubbish and he kept enough sense to know it. This wasn’t John McPlain by any stretch of the imagination, for better or worse Romney has a plan. By all major accounts President Obama lost this debate soundly. The fact that 100% of the people don’t agree with that is a very frightening thought. Whether you like Romney or not, if you are an honest human being with any intellect, you’d admit he won.

So now, post inhalation, Obama is telling anyone who will listen, what he should have said last night, he gives new meaning to the phrase trash talkin’. Now that the best and brightest writers have scripted clever zinging responses and he’s had time to think, he’s full of enlightenment. He is on a roll, unfortunately you can’t do that. This goes to show the extent of his narcissism and self importance. The President subscribes to the notion that because he can covertly send troops to die in Africa, dictate his very own “:kill list”,lock dissenters up indefinitely with out trial and other despotic advantages, that he might be able to break the rules of debate. Well not time President O, not unless you have a time machine.


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