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New Progressive Era 2011

In The American Progressive Era 2011, you will find many factions; Gay & Lesbian, The Nation of Islam, Green Movement (Eco-freaks), Unions, democrats, NAACP, republicans, La Raza, Neo Nazis, socialist, Marxist, and Islamic-Fascist. I’m quite aware that there is an abundance of groups not mentioned, but you get the drift. My point being that just as with every good communist coup, radicals of all stripes forge an alliance for their common good, in the case of the A.P.E 2011, the common good is the deconstruction of The United States of America.
The irony in this potpourri of angry revolutionaries is that were they to succeed and create a society from their confederation, they would soon devolve into atrocity and civil war, a destruction to the likes of which most of these people could never fathom. For instance,the gay and lesbian community who are not satisfied with simply living in a culture that acknowledges homosexuality, believing your sexual practices should remain in your home. Instead they demand their sexual preference should become a civil right, one that should be forced down the throat of us all. Even though heterosexual sex is not forced upon school aged children, gay radicals bully their agenda into academia without regard. Homosexuals rally under the banner of freedom and liberty, but do not afford that right to anyone with a differing opinion.
The New Progressive Era intends on ushering in a final utopia, an international government, one that eluded their fore fathers. Americans should be very concerned, but being so far removed from the Red Terror, New Progressives are implementing their will with impunity. Endless tragedies are associated with the history of Progressivism, although most remain oblivious to it. In large part this catastrophe is directly caused by modern day liberals in control of the media. While the Red Terror was used to describe the latter weeks of the French Revolution (a socialist bloodbath), it was better known for Stalin’s Bolshevik campaign which was thwart with insidious conduct, sadistic executions, mass murder and arrests.
The United States of America was not without it’s casualties from Progressivism, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt right on up to the Barack Obama Regime. One of the ironies in having a Modern Progressive President that is partially black, is that he represents one of the most maniacally racist movements. This however, is a testament to how much socialism enthrones party over people, the individual is merely a replaceable machine part in the Ungodly apparatus.
Woodrow Wilson, idolized by such progressives as Hilary Clinton, was a gleaming example of bigotry and racism, although he was welcomed in by “African Americans”. Wilson empathized with the Ku Klux Klan, “self-preservation [forced whites] to rid themselves, by fair means or foul, of the intolerable burden of governments sustained by the votes of ignorant negroes.” Upon taking office, Wilson fired most of the blacks who held posts in the Federal Government. He created a law making interracial marriage a felony in the District of Columbia. Wilson segregated offices in Washington, requiring photographs for all Federal employees, he often questioned the loyalty of “Hyphenated Americans”.
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F.D.R only solidified Wilson”s overt racism, not to mention lying to the American public about WW2. The policies Roosevelt ushered in, the New Slavery Era and The Progressive Era 2011. Today blacks make up only 14% of the American population, but account for 50% of all diagnosed cases of HIV, 74% of black mothers raise children without fathers, over 50% of Black Americans attend school in low poverty areas, in many crime ridden cities blacks are more likely to go to jail than graduate high school. Black American’s have been lied to, murdered, and oppressed, being sacrificed at the alter of Progressivism. For votes they have given their lives in many ways, it is criminal.
Look closely at President Obama’s attack dogs like Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, The NAACP, to name a few. They have made fortunes of the backs of black American’s for decades. Blacks are being used to fuel the racial fires for Obama’s reelection, look at what’s being done to the Tea Party. The Tea Party, made up of many races, has become a thorn in the side of the President’s Progressive Movement
Overwhelmingly, Muslim Americans side with President Obama, although their culture comes in direct contradiction with Obama’s rhetoric. Woman’s rights, homosexuality, and abortion are a few of the major obstacles between the President and Islamic culture. Besides being Anti-American there are few values that radical Muslims share with him.
The New Progressive Era is almost at its pinnacle, The United States has never been more regulated and distressed. The unemployment in black and urban areas has sky rocketed under President Obama, which furthers the governments control. The administrations propaganda is succeeding in pitting whites against blacks and visa versa. They are saturating America with third world cultures and stripping its identity, creating many different sub cultures. Under the false pretense of multiculturalism, they are systematically weakening the American family.
Forcing The United States to be absorbed into a global government has been the objective for the New Progressive movement, making Woodrow Wilson look like an isolationist. They will use as many pawns as necessary, they will team lions, tigers and bears with zebra, buffalo, and gazelle in order to achieve the overthrow of America as we know it. When it’s all said and done the only way to keep these creatures from killing one and other is to rule by dictatorship. An oligarchy will decide the fate of nations, much as it is now, but they will be more structured an visible.


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