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Never-Trumper Update

"Certain times of the month I am definately capable of voting Democrat" -M.M.

Megan McCain certainly deserves as much exposure as Ben Shapiro, maybe more, her Trump hatred and elitist hypocrisy are an affront to the good citizens of the Republican voting base.

Meggy recently padded her anti-Trump credentials in an interview with irreverently gay Andy Cohen, a reported talk-show host. When McCain was asked who she would vote for in the 2020 Presidential race, she responded:

 “I keep telling everyone, ‘I promise you will know who I’m voting for,’ but it really shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know there’s one man who has made pain in my life a living hell and another man who has literally shepherded me through the grief process,”

There it is, this emotionally fractured woman is willing to abandon the principles that she claims to live by and vote for an old pervert in the throes of dementia, out of admiration for one and overwhelming hate for the other.

She’s clearly saying, “Everything that defines me and all that I profess to valiantly fight for, can be negated by my unrestrained emotions. So rub me the wrong way and all bets are off!”

The take-away from this is the severe lack of credibility attributed to never-Trumpers and their failed movement. This also reveals a darker and more disturbing prospect, an elitist establishment, consisting of both Democrat and Republican officials, willing to oppose their party to advance their criminal network.

Simply put, inter-party conflicts are inevitable and vary in contrast, so at what point do fellow Republicans cross the line and become the adversary? When they vote for a Democrat or refuse to support our nominee in the General Election, period.