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Napoleon, France is Burning: an observation into the Islamic indoctrination of France.

France's suicidal pact with its European neighbors. Death by Islam.

Perhaps, the final inkling of testosterone was depleted from France after the humiliating defeat of Napoleon. God knows he’d never stomach a policy of zero resistance regarding the Islamic invasion of France.

We want your womens. Geeve us your womens.

Even though his roots were anchored in Corsica, Napoleon was a true French patriot and his military genius is studied to this day. Besides overreaching in the war on Russia, Napoleon rarely failed, his reign still impacts the world now, such as the introduction of the metric system to the rest of Europe.

Today, a weak French policy welcomes hostile black and brown migrants that babble in some foreign language on the streets of Paris, occupying a piece of real-estate which is populated with make-shift tents and the aroma of feces.

Come out of your tents with your hands washed

France’s festering shame is a group of Muslims called Salafist, who’ve initiated an ethnic purification in their burgeoning swaths of French real-estate.

Jews beware, 50,000 of who have already abandoned their homes for safer parts of France. In January 2018 a 15-year-old Jewish girl had her face slashed open by Muslims, an article from Gatestone Institute reported.

French Jews are force to leave their homes.

Does anyone in the French Republic realize that they are welcoming the enemy inside? Swarms of migrants, relocating from their nations of origin, now expect you to care for them, soup to nuts French style.

It’s an extreme coincidence that France shares identical suicidal ambitions as other European nations like Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, and Switzerland. They have the uncanny self-deprecating desire to invite crime and violence into their midst, for God knows why! Why?

Can someone ask Macron what is the point of snuffing out Muslims in Syria while leaving the “back door” to your country unprotected, forcing your citizens to contend with an unbridled Islamic shit show?

I guess that France hasn’t any lower class native French citizens so they can afford to adopt the mostly male Muslim population that’s in-turn devouring the French identity.

As for processing the last of France’s testosterone, that’s merely a theory, however, the Franco’s could sure use a bit of Napoleon’s nationalist fervor today. Yes, Napoleon and a set of slightly larger balls and you’d have a winning recipe.

A. Vanoplolis


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