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Mr. Perry

I recently read an article congratulating Rick Perry over a clever political move, allowing illegal immigrants to receive free instate tuition. In this diverse country the republicans must pander to every political base, the big tent theory. That idea is incomprehensible and unattainable, the thought that you would have to compromise your beliefs to accommodate your political rise is wrong. If you subscribe to the “Big Tent” theory Mr. Perry, what theory won’t you subscribe to in order to garnish votes?
I can’t receive free instate tuition to school, my children can’t and we didn’t even compromise this nations sovereignty. I agree with Perry on many issues, but this issue is more than enough to annul my previous support. Our founders did not pander to every extremist flock of voters, they gave us a Republic despite strong support for a democracy. Also if you believe all Hispanics are criminals or sympathize with criminals you are a fool.
There are black, white, tan, yellow, and red people of all religions and nationalities, that believe in the Conservative American doctrine. Although democrats would love to shackle every black American with welfare and subject them to state obedience, every black person isn’t on welfare or a ward of the state. Just as most Hispanics strongly agree in American sovereignty and conservative Christian values.
There is a fundamental disparity here, I’m not guaranteeing this is part of a global conspiracy, (“It’s quite obvious that you’ve got some very powerful big business groups in Texas that love their illegal aliens and want more of them,” William Gheen of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration) told KTRH. ) but come on, does Perry actually believe if you are participating in a criminal act you should be rewarded. Does Perry believe that? Where do you stand Gov. Perry? If this guy gets in office will he just do enough to keep us barely right of center? Because if you accept the premise of being barely right of center as adequate, you must not be aware that the center squarely sets in Fascism. We need a revolutionary.