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Mr. Peanut Launches the Race Card

The jig is up, if only President Obama were white; then the opposition would willingly give in to the demands of the single most left wing fringe administration in recent history. All those pesky liberty loving Americans would fall in line, and blindly support the fundamental destruction of their beautiful homeland. Immigrants from former communist states would finally stop warning us of our impending doom. Yes, if only our young President were white, the once great nation of limited government and prosperity would voluntarily succumb to a Wall Street takeover, fat cat lobbyist and special interest groups writing policy, massive government interferences in the private sector, and massive government interference in our homes.

Personally, I recognize when I am winning an argument, it usually occurs when my opponent stops utilizing logic and resorts to name calling or personal attacks, this seems to be what’s taking place here. Liberals are had reached Defcon 4, they are losing their war to permanently juice this government up on steroids; they have simultaneously turned the keys and launched their last weapon, the race card. With zero shred of proof, peanut farmer Jimmy Carter declared that the opposition to President Obama and his left wing ideology is driven by racism.

What? My grandfather, WW2 hero, opposes President Obama; he is in his eighties and very educated on current events and is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. My grandfather fought for this country, he served voluntarily as soon as he could legally fight. At eighty four, my grandfather is an active member of his church and a guiding light for me, if I become half the honorable fair man that he is, I’ll be a satisfied father, friend, and husband.

The notion that Jimmy Carter can dismiss men like my grandfather and so many others as racist is a sin. My grandfather is not a party line republican, nor a racist; he is an independent thinker with an enormous heart. If you, like me, have wondered how in the world these liberals like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and the like ever imagined that they could fundamentally transform this free nation into a country occupied by a totalitarian government, now we know. They believed the race card would be their Coup Degraw, their assured mutual destruction, they believed with the pain of discrimination and bigotry being so powerful any adversary would shrink into the abyss, with the fear of being accused.

Well they severely miscalculated their potency. Even with media lap dogs, like NBC, doing their bidding, the American public isn’t backing down. When Mr. Obama was elected he did so with a larger share of white support than any other democrat since 1976, says the associated press via the Politico. Are you telling me, the same voters who elected this man are now racist? Mr. Carter isn’t calling out factual racism, for example anyone who is actually attacking the President because of his color, no Carter is much more irresponsible, and he is claiming if you strongly disagree with the most polarizing radical leader in recent history, you must be a racist. Mr. Peanut man, that is shameful, you are playing a dangerous game.

In fact Carter’s purely political agenda might very well negate the legitimacy of real racism, which is alive and well and unfortunately doesn’t discriminate what race it infects. President Obama, who has failed so miserably when given the option to do the right thing, has a chance to correct the notion that he would sell his typical white grandmother down the river for a political edge, by rebuking Carter’s wildly erroneous claims. Will he? Or will he let this play out; choosing the side of the issue which best suits his agenda?