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Mr. Obama’s forgotten speech

Days ago, on foreign soil, our President Barack Obama, tried hard to convince the worlds Muslim population, that America has now seen the error of its ways, and he, the global messiah, could feel their pain. Leaving out the numerous nefarious activities recently achieved in the name of Allah, Obama concentrated on the more positive Muslim accomplishments. As if he were placating a grade schooler, “ Oh, look at all the wonderful things you’ve done throughout your life, I understand you, your just misunderstood by my ignorant people. I am so vastly different than my predecessors, as you can see by my appearance (non blanco). My middle name is Hussein.”
The arrogance of this man, is disturbing, to actually believe he has the super natural capacity to convince anyone in the radical Muslim world to “meet us half way”. They are laughing at him and laughing at us. Mr. Obama, can romance all his swooning kool-Aid drinkers, till the proverbial cows come home, you know what, Aziz Aluh Akeem will still strap a bomb to his chest and annihilate innocent women and children. This egomaniac stands on the worlds stage, saying “Look at me, love me” in a region of the globe where my Christian brothers and sisters are being slain like rabid dogs for their beliefs, with no quarter. They are being raped, murdered, and destroyed. Mr. Obama neglected to have his speech writers spend too much time on this hideous realization.
This President has far exceeded simple liberal rhetoric, and despises the traditional American way of life. Why has he gone so far in placating our haters, because he is one, he is determined to teach us dim lit Jesus lover’s that we are obsolete and America will better off without us. While Mr. Obama bast in the glow of all his wild eyed worshipers, Christians who continue to feel the repercussions of discrimination, hatred, and violence; are fleeing Iraq in large numbers. I must have missed the part of the speech, where the teleprompter asked the President to mention that, Christians had more rights under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein! So much for progress.
6/01/09 The little-known Hindu extremist group that claimed responsibility for bombing the Assumption Catholic Church in Kathmandu has demanded that all Christians leave the country. The Nepal Defense Army (NDA), said, “We want all the 1 million Christians out of the country, if not we will plant 1 million bombs in all the houses where Christians live and detonate them.” NDA is believed to be comprised of former soldiers, policemen and victims of Maoist guerrillas. It claims to have trained suicide bombers to fight communists, Christians and Muslims. The shadowy group’s main objective is to restore Nepal as a Hindu nation, it claims. The NDA has been blamed for the murder of Salesian priest Father John Prakesh Moyalan in east Nepal in 2008. The group claimed responsibility for bombing a mosque that killed two people in April last year,and carried out a number of bomb blasts in 2007. – International Christian Concern.
EXTRA EXTRA: Where we are headed, on the home front
5-30-09 The first poll of Britain’s churchgoers, carried out for the Sunday Telegraph, found that thousands of them believe they are being turned down for promotion because of their beliefs. More than half revealed that they had suffered some form of persecution for being a Christian. The findings suggest a growing hostility towards religion in this country, which has shown itself in a series of clashes between churchgoers and their employers. Church leaders have urged Christians to “wake up” and defend their beliefs after the suspension of Caroline Petrie, a nurse, for offering to pray for a patient. New guidelines that warn employees that they face dismissal if they share their faith with colleagues, cause further concern. Under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations such actions could be viewed as “harassment which would create a negative work environment”. Additionally the poll revealed that 1 in 10 churchgoers have been rejected by family members because of religious beliefs; as many as 44 percent said they have been mocked by friends, neighbors or colleagues and 19 percent said they had been ignored or excluded for the same reason.

Some say that we should accept nothing less from our church leaders, than a full protest toward Mr. Obama’s treatment of Christianity. We should demand an apology for his statement denying this countries Christian roots and 75% majority, along with all the important founders and their accomplishments, inspired by their Christian beliefs. Talk to your Pastor today.


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