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It’s difficult for some self-respecting white folks who have always played by the rules and never expected any undeserved entitlements, not to resent the currant biased policies that unfairly cater to black and brown folks.

If they question this, however, they are sharply criticized and met with furious denial, even though the evidence supporting B & B (black and brown) favoritism is shamefully overwhelming.  Average Americas see a rogue minority community that receives special treatment and a 20-foot head in every significant race.

It’s hardly surprising that many white Americans perceive that people of color are to blame for much of the societal rot and decay, yet still receive preferential treatment.

The white folks that have become discouraged by this and forced into a defensive posture must understand that although their concerns are valid, they are misplaced. It’s very easy to look at the B & B community and see the crime, the destruction, and even question their contribution to this country.

 Urban communities have experienced decades of systematic conditioning that has mutated their natural biological reactions and rationale. Corrupt and inadequate institutions of higher learning have basically become a nanny service, paid by the state to re-wire young urban minds.

Adolescent B & B’s were once their parents only hope to correct course,  but now young folks of color just decompose in a culture that doesn’t recognize wholesome values and individual exceptionalism. Instead, they develop as a fatherless society that venerates killing, disrespect, drug dealing, and illiteracy.

Kids aspiring to be rappers and sports stars

Why would anyone exacerbate the suicidal trajectory of the B & B population while simultaneously encouraging their dependency? Who would be so reckless?

A dangerous cabal of Evil Whites, fellow Americans that share our European heritage. They are a collection of physically feeble men and dominating women with manly features, void of empathy and Godless.

These self-consumed reprobates are unequivocally a shadow government existing within our own, manipulating legislature, Wall Street, and military coups against sovereign states. They identify as politically left, however,  they rule as a fascist elite.

The left introduced their poisonous agenda through the allocation of urban ambassadors,  who covertly violated poor communities under the fraudulent guise of friendly Democrat politicians. They generated vast resources to create a state of dependency and manipulation, providing young people of color with two outcomes, correctional facilities or welfare dependency.

What role do people of color play in this shocking reality?

They are just unfortunate dupes being forced to do the bidding of a greater master, the political left. Lefties serve alongside many well-intentioned do-gooders,  surreptitiously promoting an agenda that is bent on sabotaging Western society, world-wide…  You may still question B & B’s complicity, demanding that they take responsibility and this would be a reasonable response.

White America’s falling into structured discontinuation from a capable enemy, other white’s.

Evil White People.

On the horizon, just coming into focus,  might be the storm which could wash away America’s infection from the left. Ironically, it’s the rise of the right from Europe. A movement that can give hope and a tactical response to suppress the anti-white movement.

Transgender Children: I don’t thoroughly trust them not to piss the bed, let alone decide a life-altering decision.

What the fuck is going on in  Europe, has a mystery mutation caused the entire male population to drop their balls and hike up their skirts? Extremely shocking stories of emotionally underdeveloped children opting to change their gender, with the full compliance of government and their parents…

Haunting videos surface worldwide, capturing over-enthusiastic Euro-parents practically cheerleading their children onto the dark open waters of future psychosis. As an emerging life, these children helplessly enter this unforgiving world both naked and vulnerable, they cling to their Earthly creators for whom they rely upon and are totally dependent.  These pathetic parents are drastically altering a life at the behest of a child, who by virtue of their inexperience and immaturity should not be responsible for such irreversible decisions.

The adults that manufacture child transgenders are thirsty for any public reaction, had these miserable wretches just 0.1 % concern for the psychological welfare of their child they would wait until it had more complete faculties before rendering it to such a curse.

Child abusive pieces of shit in Sweeden are definitely failing their own children, moreover, they are failing Western Culture when they meddle with a prepubescent brain.

(below) This video is just one of the visual affirmations documenting the lost and infected culture.

Freedom 2 Hate

I have always maintained that one of the most vital ingredients to contribute to the success of Western Civilization is the freedom to hate. Expressing my hatred for you is my constitutional right and today that right has been all but negated entirely.

The war on Western Society, by the political left, has stigmatized Americans on a multitude of fronts. One such firey hot skirmish, now just cooling ambers and ashes, was the battle to preserve truth and logic over feelings and emotions.

Through the subversive art of psychological retooling, via radical left propaganda,  mans God-given liberty to express his opinion has been suppressed,  trumped by the feelings of of a minority class that may be offended.

Not so jolly old England

In England hate speech is forbidden. You violate English law if:  You are repulsed by two queers swapping spit in the grocery line and explain to your very confused 5-year-old, “Son, don’t be alarmed, I think that they are demented as well and what they are doing is disgusting”

 Public order act 1986

A person who uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior, or displays any written material which is threatening, abusive or insulting, is guilty of an offence if—

(a) he intends thereby to stir up racial hatred, or

(b) having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby.

In an unzipped society such as this, the very next natural right to be violently snuffed-out will be thought. This is real and must be addressed.

Authors note: Speech and action are in no way synonymous and must always be viewed as such. When hateful action is applied, the rights and liberties of others may be affected and that is a crime.

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