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Moo-Shu Mantis: The deadly art of ancient combat

Moo-Shu Mantis the deadliest of all the combat arts

Are you tired of getting thrown around and having sand kicked in your face? Are you sick of your girl leaving you for a much better person? Does your youngest sibling let his friends physically intimidate you and call you a retarded turd in front of your mom?

Well “never again”. You may never be cool or handsome, but you can protect yourself and punish any bully that challenges your manhood again. How?

I am glad that you asked! There are very few individuals capable of staring death down and surviving to talk about it, but they do exist. I am referring to the rare gems whose sparkle lights up the dark paths of trepidation, the Martial Arts Master.

Just like an unkempt garden over-run by worthless weeds, one must navigate through to find nourishing fruit; so to must you wade through the fraudulent charlatans and posers to discover an authentic master.

A true gentleman of the sweeter science will teach you how to beat down and humiliate your foes. Since you are likely inept and couldn’t garner any favorable results, I will advise you who to steer clear from as you search for a manly mentor of violent retribution.

Bart Vale

This loser built a solid reputation in his early years over in the Orient Japan as a shoot-fighter, he even lit up Ken Shamrock.

One hell of a mullet

After reviewing this video in conjunction with some meticulous research I’ve concluded that this mullet wearing slob might have a really cool mustache, but that’s where my admiration ends. Stay away from this one.

George Dillman

Although Dillman resembles an aging pedophile, his resume might suggest that George once had mild credibility, but scratching below the surface will reveal the elaborate deception of this cocky little scallywag.

George may have begun in earnest, even convincing Mohamad Ali of his capabilities, but he took a turn to crazy town and never came back. He discovered the lucrative hustle from conning naive retards with the allure of the touchless knock-out. George also claimed to be the master of pressure points.

Dillman’s claims and techniques might seem like a dream come true for those looking for a “no sweat solution” to redeem physical inadequacies or avenging a disgraceful beating, but they are just trash.

Ashida Kim

is this the guys only picture?

One of the worst frauds that I have ever researched, even the most pathetic moron would have a tough time suspending enough belief to stomach this twerp. Kim whose real name is Christopher Hunter really took advantage of some lonely dupes, hopping on the early Ninja craze.

He’s not even Chinese

Steven Seagal

The most imbalanced fraud to surface in the cesspool of make-believe and shisterdome is certainly the prolific movie icon and Aikido expert Steven Seagal.

Unless you’re a defenseless female model/actor, then this over-weight blowhard is harmless. Don’t be embarrassed if you were initially hornswoggled by this huckster, there’s a long list of suckers ahead of you.

These hucksters are just a few of the prime examples in the vast industry of self-defense. You should never give your money or time for their services. It is not surprising when helpless beta-males with no self-esteem fall victim to predators like these.

So if you are a liberal panty-waist who lets a woman take the lead, then your not only responsible for the collapse of the American culture but also for your abysmal existence.

American society is rife with eco-friendly punks like you that haphazardly neglect their biological role as a man. Your father most likely feels like a failure when he looks at your picture. It’s because of nerds like you that the women in the United States have run amuck, but you can change with the right direction.

Join my Martial Arts team and reclaim your manhood, my name is Seth Rocket and the discipline is Moo-shu Mantis. I will give you back the confidence that your sorely lacking, you will become a finely tuned machine handing out pain and street justice.

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