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Mommy, the big lady ate my ice-cream

Obesity. Sop eating, start exercising, and get a job. You have the power to make a change and feel better about ourself.

Congratulations to the plump orbed masses you’ve officially met the criteria for victimhood eligibility, you’ve morphed from individuals into a movement owned and manipulated by the dark forces of the Democrat party.

Just like blacks, unhappy women (feminist), gays, transgender and the like; you have been neatly packaged to be advertised and marketed for the sole purpose of collecting and patronizing voter support.

Democrats have categorized over-eaters as a protected class, ironically it’s them that you should be protected from, however grasping that logic is way above your paygrade. Actually, being swaddled and validated by the left has been detrimental to Black Americans for example, hindering their sociological progress for decades.

The horizontally challenged have unfortunately crossed a Rubicon, of which zero souls have ever returned.

Fat people and hip cagey radicals are actually trying to equate obesity with civil rights, this is a very far reach, especially for those that have felt marginalized for biological attributes beyond their control.

The reality is simple folks, you don’t have the right to be fat, hence it can’t be a civil right, not even a civil option.

Rotund women are at the forefront of this erroneous movement, forcefully advocating for obesity to be accepted and legitimized. Instead of suggesting that the over-weight begin retarding their caloric intake, these spherical firebrands demand that our society must make the physical adjustments.

  • McDonald’s must make larger fortified booths
  • Isles on planes must be wider
  • Airplane seats must have more room and probably air shocks
  • Carnival rides must increase maximum weight limits
  • Waitress’s at Chinese buffets can’t stare at you after your fifth go around

These are only a few demands proposed by fat advocacy groups. Now that obesity has become an issue championed by the left, all overweight Americans must vote Democrat.

Ask some black folks what occurs when they break away from the herd, they are chastised, ridiculed, and threatened for being a “sell-out”.

What groups are left for the dirty Dem’s to pimp-out? Down syndrome? The deaf? The blind?

Back here, in reality, obesity is a death sentence for many people, it puts a massive strain on the knees, tendons, joints, and their heart, in many cases obesity is physically and emotionally crippling.

Aside from the psychological terror that a massively obese person’s appearance can subject a small child to, it’s just not healthy.  They are committing suicide one calorie at a time.

In Wikipedia, I read that obesity contributes to the death of 100,000 and 400,000 people annually, there’s a big disparity between numbers, but even the low figure is too high.

The health risks are extremely high, even the folks from the low information sector can recognize that obesity is unappealing as well as morbidly unhealthy.

However, to mask the obvious liabilities connected to this condition, a clever marketing strategy from the Democrat play-book has been deployed.

Fat Shaming and Plus size

Any negative assertions that may stigmatize obesity, even if they derive from concern, are labeled as fat shamers. There is a new wave of models that are called “plus size”, its obvious to anyone with eyes that these women are fat and unappealing.

However, a number of these bulbous beauties do have pretty faces and sexy hair, they also have the luxury of being manipulated by the worlds leading make-up artist.

When most men see one of these plus size models, they immediately suggest that she would be hot if she were skinny, that’s just biology baby and it’s one of the natural laws.

In closing, I recognize several vital factors that should be addressed, the first is that fat people are being used by the left for political gain, Democrat leaders disparage and chuckle behind the backs of these poor souls, the second is the tremendous neglect for a significant number of Americans health, and the third being the social expectation being enforced on businesses and the community.