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Michael Vick: Vitcim of Poverty

 Michael Vick, a tragic casualty of black oppression and racially motivated impoverishment spoke out recently. Apparently feeling comfortable with his newly rediscovered wealth and fame, Mr. Vick spoke a bit more candidly to reporters. “Yeah, you got the family dog and the white picket fence, and you just think that’s all there is” This is code for simple white people who have no clue as to what adversity means. Then Vick goes on to say, “Some of us had to grow up in poverty-stricken urban neighborhoods, and we just had to adapt to our environment. This is code for “I was justified”.
   It’s funny, because I know a lot of poverty stricken Americans who don’t live in million dollar mansions and still refrain from fighting dogs for money. As a matter of fact as seductive as electrocuting a canine might seem to be, all poor people don’t gravitate to it. Fighting man’s best friend for money might retrieve a dollarless dude from the brink of a cardboard cabin, but that’s not the case for Vick. He is guilty of torturing and slaughtering helpless animals whose only aim is to please their master. Michael Vick raised these animals to violently rip their opponents to shreds or simply serve as bait for other vicious dogs. 
   The fact that the million dollar quarter back fought a domesticated animal for money isn’t what’s so disturbing here, although it should be. The derangement is that he doesn’t understand how truly deviant and psychopathic this undertaking is. He didn’t simply throw Fido the family pet into a fighting pit to keep a roof over his head and pay for his mothers life saving operation. Vick preyed on these poor dogs. He beat them and broke them down, he let these animals die a torturous and painful death. He took pleasure in watching them struggle for air while they were being drowned to death. He took puppies that children usually hug and kiss and tormented them, turning them into killers or bait for killers. He and his friends laughed and mused on their million dollar estate while these dogs were being forced to die.
  Mentally disturbed people like Michael Vick cannot be rehabilitated, you can’t teach a person that sadistic torture and cruel inhumane treatment is wrong. If a person didn’t have that moral axiom to begin with, it cannot be taught or implemented. A man at the end of his rope or forced into a corner can do horrific things, but a man’s justification of his actions never supersedes his moral line in the sand. Michael Vick has proven himself as weak and pathetic. If poverty and hopelessness are the environments in which children must sacrifice their souls, why isn’t Vick giving the majority of his wealth save them? 
Vick, 27, and three associates were indicted by a federal grand jury in Richmond, Virginia, on a conspiracy count alleging they bought and sponsored dogs in an animal fighting venture and traveled across state lines to participate in illegal activity, including gambling.
According to the indictment, dogs that didn’t show enough fighting spirit, or that lost matches, were put to death by a variety of methods, including shooting, drowning, hanging and electrocution. Prosecutors allege that on one occasion earlier this year, Vick participated in killing eight dogs. -CNN NEWS
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