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Great tunes covered by awesome bands. It's definitely a fresh reincarnated version of previous songs, but on steroids!
Cemetery Gates by Pantera
Covered By Tyr
Iron Horse Finger picken’ good
Sweet Child O’Mine

Iron Horse is Bluegrass music. They do other Metal Covers

(above) Tyr is considered Folk Metal. They get
their name from Viking Myology. This song really would make Dimebag proud.

2014 Black Sabbath Cover
Sounds Similar To DIO

Sick Cover by Anthrax

(below) Cradle of Filth Hallowed Be Thy Name – Iron Maiden Cover Lead singer Danny Filth E Sanchez has taken COF from Black Metal to “pop” Black Metal

What a Shocker,Guys from Brazil not committing a crime or fighting in MMA, Sepultura. Covering a badass MotorHead tune, ORGASMATRON.

I love this cover of DIO’s Holy Diver, I don’t know why. Killswitch Engage, another Metal Core band from the East Coast. This is sung by former singer Howard Jones (I think he’s black, I wonder if that’s why they eighty-sixed him? They look like white supremist.) Jones owns this song