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Memo for white Guys

Free Men

Can’t be shamed or bullied into compliance, you are not alone.

This message is directed toward those compassionate white Americans that believe they are inherently racist, who are cowards about expressing pride for their race and see no problem with the overwhelming tides of third-world migration onto our soil.

What you’re doing

You are acquiescing the demise of your culture and your children’s future, against your manhood and biological directive, you are graciously handing over all that your ancestors toiled and struggled to create.


Because you are being bullied by a movement of people that you don’t even know, with a message that’s both insidious and measured. Why do you trust these people? They warn you against admiring your heritage because THEY insist your ancestors were flawed, why do you lend them such credibility?

Surprisingly, they are not at war with just whites, only men, or the West, they’re at war with free-men, individuals, and inherent liberties.  Once white men are safely marginalized, the left will declare victory and their dream will be recognized.

What Dream?

The Left is a political philosophy that’s been commandeered and propagated by a minority of powerful elites, these men and women of uber-wealthy status don’t actually subscribe to anything as self-defeating and self-absorbed and juvenile as left ideology, however, it will successfully achieve their objective which is to rule over one class of people. (slaves)
What they don’t want you to know…

·        Believing in racial and cultural sovereignty does not make you a racist or a bigot, in fact, it’s a belief that until very recently ensured the survival and evolution of mankind.

·        Being repulsed by homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender, pedophilia, and deviant behavior is a fucking right, who are they to tell millions of free-thinkers that their inherent reactions and rationalizations are invalid.

Shockingly, parents fully condone this vile conversion of their innocent children, whether, by intimidation, ignorance, cowardice or maybe they just dig a tranny kid, they’ll take it out at parties to show the neighbors how woke they are.

Next pedophiles will be running day-cares

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