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Marianne Williamson hates black people

Williamson comes off like a sincere love child who only wishes the world drop acid instead of bombs,

Disclaimer: Although it is every responsible citizen’s duty to absorb this digital evidence exposing this Presidential candidate as authentically delusional,  AV Veritas shall not be held liable for those that may be inclined to blow the back of their skull out with a legal or illegal firearm.

In the opening seconds of this video, a black gentleman asks Williamson why she is advocating to hand out reparations. The question is legit,  understanding all the critical issues that must be managed, why does this well off hardline Jewish woman belief that American’s must squander 500 million in handouts to blacks? Their only gonna buy crack with it.

There are millions of whites that were stuck at work while they were handing out “white privilege” who bare zero culpability for slavery and whose relatives died fighting to end the age-old institution.

Marianne Williamson clearly thinks that black Americans are stupid and can be manipulated like children with Asperger syndrome. It’s a sad day in America, went this level of hate goes unchallenged.

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