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Man loses head in Canada

While passengers fled a Greyhound bus screaming, on Wednesday, one unlucky Winnipeg man stayed behind. Tim McLean, was too busy being brutally murdered to attend the meeting of his frantic fellow passengers outside. When safely outside the bus, passengers were turned to onlookers, they bravely watched while Tim was decapitated.

The perpetrator, 40, must have been an enormous man, I suggest with super powers, because the 37 other passengers on the bus bolted out without so much as an attempt to subdue the attacker. The carnage continued. I guess the police finally captured the man because he is in custody, booked on second degree murder charges, second degree? I shutter to think of what Canada’s first degree involves.

I haven’t yet found to much detail as to how this despicable animal was captured, most of the stories end with him eating the victims flesh and mocking the police with the severed head.

If you think the bus people were a little detached,and unmoved as cowardly left their yellow vapor trail, you’ve gotta hear the victims family. While I expected their fiery outrage to make mine look faint, I was once again surprised. Tim McLeans Uncle calmly eulogized him as a meek, stubborn traveler who would make a friend wherever he went. (or something like that) No rage, no wrathful vengeance, nothing.

This crime will probably end up in the pages of bizarre happenings in some sensationalized, believe it or not, website. The fact that this hideous tragedy is merely being looked at as some gruesome generic piece of news, is an outrage, to me. I guess I am the only one that believes, anyone who had the chance to stop this attack and didn’t is just as guilty of second degree murder as the killer.


Adder Puff

Adder Puff