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King Obama and his legion of flying monkeys are rapidly digesting the individual freedoms Americans were once cognizant of; freedom that outweighed the comfortable bubble in which we want Big Government to provide. Americans have become so hyper sensitive to the slightest discomfort, that we have invited the wolf in, just to get him to stop blowing on the door.

Over the past week I’ve witnessed Obama distribute our hard earned tax dollars to pregnant women abroad, in order to kill their unwanted babies, thus relieving them from any punishment that might occur with an unwanted child. Obama now wants a mere trillion more to stimulate our sagging economy; if tax payer funded abortions for Mexican women are any indication of where our money might end up, I think I’ll pass.

I spoke with a number of Americans, randomly, none of whom had the slightest clue as to what this stimulus consisted of, nor did they really care. A trillion dollars, I exclaimed, but it couldn’t be fathomed. The dilemma is, average Joe has no idea how this debacle will affect them. I even presented the population control effort by Nancy Pelosi, it didn’t make a dent!

Americans continue to be lullabied by platitudes and manipulated by unfounded scare tactics, like Gores absurd claim of “Global Warming”. This only contributes to the myth that our only salvation is a bigger government. I am convinced we are becoming a culture of mindless mice, whose only stimulation comes from the exploitation of others on sensationalize reality shows. We have become conditioned to believe there is little or nothing we can do to remedy our situation without relying on the government. That is just what they want.

Amazing Fact:The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.