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Liberals at war with America

Liberals at War With America

George Washington, undoubtedly our most prized national treasure, the man who’s virtue, ideals, and patriotism set the measure for American life. Washington was a man guided by the Christian faith, which was synonymous with liberty, freedom, and sovereignty. Most Americans remain oblivious to our first President and only king’s passion for Christ and his ultimate belief that God was on our side. With the other key founder’s, Washington’s vision of These United States was one of which with faith, freedom, and justice would manifest into the worlds most powerful and unique nation. He was right.

Unfortunately, after a century of constant war, modern day progressives and liberal droids will prove to be America’s most potent and lethal enemy. They have relentlessly pursued our march to Fascism. Glenn Beck likes to say “march to socialism” , but the progressives intentions are much more sinister. The players behind the curtain have shuffled out their clueless little liberals, imbedding themselves in academia, the media, and of course, politics.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams.

I can literally quote founders and documents all day, the question of this nation being guided by Judea-Christian values and even doctrine, is a forgone conclusion. The Washington Monument is a testament to how important God was in our young nation’s structure. What would be more advantageous to discuss would be the bizarre occultist of liberalism and their progressive masters. Why are these people bent on stripping our country of it’s most regarded and revered quality, its heartbeat if you will, is what you should fear with every ounce of your being. The ugly truth of what these amoral anti-Americans are doing and their intention should break your heart and bring tears to your eye’s.

There are those like our President, who hate this country, sending out young men to die for it, letting crime and drugs infest our inner cities by creating policies and procedures by which containment is impossible. They continue to entice our border to be infiltrated, leaving it’s American citizenry exposed and in peril. They are infecting our schools and other institutions, breaking young children of their American exceptionalism. These are the people who cut our defense budget every time they get into office. They are the people who own most of the major media outlets, refusing to expose the genocide inflicted on the African American family.

I am convinced that Obama’s puppet masters, the administration, and the Obama himself discovered the opportunity to conclude their founding father’s dream. The aspirations of their early inspirations, Woodrow Wilson, F.D.R. and the true progressive agenda. Modern day “hot words” and other propaganda will have you believe that it is an insult to compare Obama to Hitler, Lenin, Marx, and Mussolini. This is all a creative diversion, these evil dictator’s were student’s of Americanism and our earliest socialist utopian quest.

The underlying reason that Woodrow Wilson and other early progressives couldn’t hammer the final nails in liberties coffin was Christianity! This misstep on their behalf is what allowed Russia, Italy, Japan, and Germany to dominate their citizenry. When those governments replaced God, they became God. This easily afforded them to dictate the lemmings with misinformation, manipulation, or just unadulterated brute force. These opportunist of suffering used whatever means they could to attain their desired end; whether it be class warfare, racism, nationalism, it doesn’t matter, the infrastructure is the same. The formula for our progressives is no different than that of Europe, the Holocaust was not a result of Hitler’s politics so much as it was of his hatred and blind evil; the same falls true with Stalin’s mass murder.

Progressives simply use whatever means there may exist to capture power, they are true pragmatist. They are addicted to absolute power. It was early democrats who needed to be forced on the civil rights bus, some dragged kicking and screaming. When, however, they realized the political use in exploiting the black race they kept their “negro” parlor jokes for the fire side chats among their white elitist brethren. They paraded around the African American plight like a little lap dog, telling their friends “go ahead you can pet him, he doesn’t bite”

Make no mistake about it, liberals are at war with America. Unless we destroy them at the polls this November and never take our foot off the gas, The United States will crumble. The unfortunate thing is, most of them don’t even know it, they are useful idiots to the progressives. Progressives thrive on crisis, chaos, fear, and ignorance. I hope you will read my next article, “ The Politics of Destruction” In this, I will expose the progressive agenda, the liberal stooge, and our impending doom. I will Dazzle you with facts about the evil Woodrow Wilson beginnings , right up until the Obama end. You will recognize my theory as the legitimate blueprint to madness. Then you will you will be responsible to act, after learning this unprecedented fact, you will realize you conscience will not allow you to remain complacent.


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