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Liberalism is a psychosis

“It wasn’t a rape rape,” says Whoopie Goldberg. Correct Whoopie, it was a drug the thirteen year old girl and force her to satisfy your sick twisted sexual demands, even after she pleads with you to stop. A young girl, under the pretext of having her picture taken by a famous forty year old man, was incapacitated and forcefully raped. If you read the transcripts to this disgusting ordeal, in which Polanski admitted his guilt, you will be sickened by the shameful details of RAPE.

Goldberg’s is not alone, however, Polanski has the support of quite a handful of Hollywood’s out of touch liberal elite. This is so indicative of liberal democrats, they have no moral compass and their only sense of right or wrong balances on who did what, not what did who do. Let me explain after going all Dr. Seuss on you; if a conservative had done this crime, liberals would be storming the jail with pitch forks calling for his head, using the media to expose the fact that this vermin was a right wing pervert.

Liberals believe because Polanski is one of them, the pesky details of his crime should be overlooked, he should not be judged in the same way that your garden variety filthy deviant should, he a genius. This is what is fundamentally wrong with liberalism, this is why liberalism is not so much an ideology, but more of a psychosis.