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Liberal Whiplash: The Death and Resurrection of the Black Man

Liberal Whiplash: The Death & Resurrection of the Black Man
“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose their grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
Booker T. Washington (authentic Black man)
I have been gnawing at the bit, enthusiastically and impatiently waiting to write this article. My brows are down and my eye’s could blaze a whole through any intrusion that should stand in my way, emphatically writing this long over due bitter pill. Liberal Whiplash: The death & Resurrection of the Black Man, exposes the progressive agenda to drag the African American community from serfdom to martyrdom. For the purpose of commonsensical factual information, I unabashedly use some generalizations, both about the white race and the black race. There are exceptions to the rule, and for the sake of my brothers and sisters of any color, we should pray to make the exception to the rule, the rule of thumb.
What the progressives and unwitting liberals have done to the black community is nothing short of the continuation of one of the worlds earlier great sins. They bought and sold the urban “African” to the state. Not unlike the African Nations, the Dutch, the English, American, Spain, Portugal, and so on, progressives are primary players in the currant slave trade. Only instead of picking cotton and plowing farms, suffering under physical bondage, blacks are now under the entrapment’s of years of psychological reeducation, strapped down and blown apart by the welfare state, liberal identity politics, and a pseudo sense of self empowerment.
Imagine being born into a society where you are taught from day one that you owe your identity to your race, it’s color, it’s politics, it’s broken language. Imagine being ostracized for trying to succeed as an individual. Or imagine being born into a community of suffocating violence, drug infestation, and severe poverty. Being black drastically increases your odds of all these examples. The remarkable travesty is the main stream media and it’s utter refusal to expose this American disaster.
Over 90% of black homicides are committed by other blacks, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, in 2000, blacks nearly doubled their birth rate with abortions. Why are the schools in are urban areas like war zones? Are you telling me liberals can install a fully functioning vagina on an incarcerated male, letting him live his life as a woman, at the cost of the taxpayer; but we can’t send our black population to college with an education that exceeds the eighth grade level? We can exterminate black babies by the millions, terminate their elderly when they become a burden; but we can’t give them adept teacher’s to teach their children?
And speaking of urban academia, the breeding ground for progressive test tube babies. The state has crippled the black community so effectively, they are basically giving their children to the schools. This assures liberal ideology and indoctrination at the earliest ages. Black children in most urban areas are taught never to sell out their race, they are engrained with the reasoning that society is a white man’s concoction. Liberals have convinced a culture of Americans that smoking weed, carrying nines, selling dope, and talking in gibberish, is their birthright and culture. Anyone who disagrees will be labeled an Uncle Tom, sellout, and this classic, “ Who you think you ah nigga?”
Liberals have installed programs designed to keep the father out, besides making it fashionable for a man to breed children with several different women, most of who already have children from someone else. Women get higher subsidization, more benefits, cash assistance, WIC ( women, infants, children) and more living in a single parent home. In some cases the male is forced to lie about living arrangements to try to get more benefits! All of this fits conveniently in the progressive play book, they have used their liberal foot soldiers to unwittingly dismantle the American black. In other countries they can outright murder them, such as Africa, where progressives have banned life saving sciences, such as DDT. Tree’s , wildlife, scenery, and environment, trump the insignificant life of an inferior black, in the eye’s of these progressive elites. Up until it was fashionable and realized that you could use the suffering of African Americans, democrats were the pro slavery. They fought the republicans to keep blacks as second class citizens. It was the republicans who led the charge for equal rights.
In 1890 until 1960, when the government decided to take ownership, black families enjoyed 80% two parent households, not perfect but pretty darn good. At no other time in American history have tax payers pumped so much money into cities under liberal democrat control. At no other time in American history have our cities been so murderous, violent, drug riddled, and under educated. This is the model progressives ardently want to follow to destroy the rest of America, with government made crisis’s and more, they wish to implement anarchy, the prelude to totalitarianism.
If you are too blind to see the contradiction, look around. Black scholarships, the NAACP, the separations of black special interest groups, BET, the African American Awards, the black this, the African that, 95% of whom would despise living in Africa, finding the culture far too conservative. Another misnomer, is not all blacks who claim to be African Americans, have an ounce of African heritage. Liberals think black empowerment is needed, it also relieves their conscience. Progressives on the other hand see it’s separation and divisiveness as a necessary step toward control and conquer.
What if Hispanics created an all Hispanic media and entertainment station? Oh sorry, they have. What if Muslims created an all Muslim, oh sorry that’s done too. Alright, what if whites created a entertainment station the celebrated the white race. More over how would this sit in your belly, The white man’s world television award show. Do you think anyone would protest. I would not watch it, but I wouldn’t have the choice, it would never happen. In America we are free. I believe with all my heart we have the freedom to hate, and when the state says racial hatred is illegal, they are intervening on Gods territory. Ran Paul recently felt the wrath to an “act first think later”, “it’s not the facts it’s how you feel” liberal assault.
It goes like this; title ten of the civil rights act, rules that companies cannot choose employees based on gender. This goes for private as well as federal employment. Paul simply argued you should be able to hire whom you wish if you own the company. Liberals believe unless the government steps on the throats of all businesses, qualified blacks, women, Latino’s, and now gay and disabled people will be discriminated against.
Paul believes the market and the people can sort this out without the iron fist of the state, there to pound you into dust if you don’t conform. If a business says I am going to hire whites only and serve whites only, that biggot just alienated thousands of potential customers and will likely go out of business soon. But in America we are free, free to hate and discriminate if we choose. The government may judge your actions. But God will judge your motive. (In the next article I will expose big business and their desire for regulation, huh? Yes, you heard me right. They are also bid believers in the government setting quota mandates, and I will tell you why!)
The action of control and separate, has been a progressive tactic that has worked well in our black community. Liberals have infiltrated the churches and made them a breeding ground for social engineering, state first Jesus second. They have dissected the black community with precision. A family cam somehow go to church, hear the gospel, if at all and then travel out onto the murderous drug infested streets, accepting this war zone as a way of life. This is unacceptable. Progressives have placed liberal community organizers as heads of the church, solidifying the discrepancy between white and black, In Gods eye’s we are all but one color. Inner city children are taught their African roots and their dismay for American history. How long will we let liberals separate us. We are all Americans, with equal opportunity to succeed. Racism is a hard pill to swallow, but it come at us from all sides. The Chinese were persecuted enslaved, the Jews, the Irish; look at the Spanish who decimated islands across the globe. Why is it, liberals put a target on the African American and said we’re gonna ride you into the dirt? Does this go back to the progressives ideals that blacks are inferior and less evolved than the white European?
If this is true, how do we explain such great minds of the century, like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, and spiritual icons like Dr, King, he was divine. All these people are black, as far as I know. Look at all the successful black athletes and entertainers it’s ironic however, the ones who legitimately keep their liberal programming and reeducation such as Mike Tyson, Tupac, Michael Vick, Pacman Jones, and the list goes on, these unfortunate souls tailspin to the ground. When Malcolm X found out about the charade he was killed. Martin Luther, despite his shortcomings, was a true man of God, they wanted him to be of the state. When it looked like Dr. King would free the black man from the progressive bondage, he was murdered. By the way if you believe James Earl Ray wasn’t programmed and indoctrinated to terminate King, by the powers that be, you must write with awfully big crayons and wear big boy diapers.
The gangsta mentality, created by opportunist white money men, as a means to further exploit the colored American. (brown, black, tan, any non-white). Yes, the thug life, an image that has literally burnt out bright young American stars. By stars I mean our young black youth emulating these poser jokester, grab my crotch in one hand and my nine in the other, frauds. This outrage has killed our beautiful babies, our young children who have been fed this lie, hook, line, and sinker. This is why in no other country does poverty equate to crime or violence, but ours, the USA. Liberals have engrained a false entitlement in our poor, “ If you don’t have it, it’s because they don’t want you to have it, circumstance be damned.”
In closing, our founders, however flawed they may have been by the common ignorance of their time, were our founders. If you are American, Black, White, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter they are all of our founders, In truth, to blame them or just the white man in general for the slave trade, is ignorant. African natives and people of color around the globe profited and partook in this awful sin. Actually to believe people of color were the only slaves, is inaccurate. However, our patriot black founders as well as white ones, were flawed, but gave us the greatest nation on Earth.


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