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Liberal Virus Part One

Obamafied: A Liberal Virus Part One

The Obamacon’s refuse to admit Islamic terrorist have engaged us, flight 253 seems to be an isolated indecent, of course! What other explanation would there be for a blithering idiot to ignite his trousers on a plane carrying close to 300 innocent lives? Well, President Obama and the liberal rainbow chasers, let me fill you in. Islamic terrorist want America eradicated, they want your emotionally enlightened liberal hearts on a stick, with mine right next to it. Islamic terrorist want my children to die, they would cherish nothing more than to fill the statue of liberty with the burned up body’s of our dead, doctors, teachers, scientist, volunteer fire men, drug addicts, and musicians… Getting it? ( Oh except maybe their court appointed lawyers)

The vermin who exterminated 13 of his fellow comrades at Fort hood, another isolated indecent? The fact that he had been communicating with other anti-American radicals leads me to believe that this particular slug is a small part of an enormously obvious movement that would have had enjoyed if he were to murder many more than 13. Yet our President and the liberal virus are frantically running interference and spewing denial, holding on to the hope that we are as stupid and naive as we were when we let them take over.

The founders of this country knew when they created our government, it was to be a republic, formed with limited federal power and judged by the hand of God, this was the only sustainable option. These men were geniuses inspired directly by something divine, this was no mere lucky toss of the dart folks. They were served well by history, they studied the decline of the Earths most powerful and successful civilizations, have we become so pompous and cocky as to second guess one of mans greatest achievements, The United States Constitution?

Rome was began in 626 BC, common knowledge is that it lasted until the ousting of Romulus Augustus, in 476 AD. That makes us a mere wink of the eye in history. But somehow we believe because we are so technologically advanced we will survive forever, Hah! Let me tell you something, we are Rome on steroids! Corruption and deviance with a heavy dose of suffocating taxes weakened Rome, and she fell. Our founders studied and researched this great society along with many others, before constructing a country in which they were willing to give their very lives for.

Yet in 2010, a mere 234 years after our ancestors ignited the torch of freedom, we are willing to let it slip in to the decay and ruin, caused by the liberal virus. Democrats beware your party is infected. I know your against the fat cats, I believe your concerned with ending poverty, and you believe we need to educate our young and nurture our elderly as they did us when we were infants, compassion! I thrive each day to be the best Christian I can be, which encompasses a whole lot of compassion and good will, I hear you. Unfortunately the new democrat party loathes you as they do me, they hate JFK democrats and can’t wait until you just die off.

The Christmas day underwear bomber has lawyered up, instead of the FBI receiving the rest of the useful information he was spewing, he was given his Miranda Rights and promptly shut up. This right, reserved for American citizens, up until we became Obamafied, was afforded to this terrorist by the very people his ilk has killed. The US military has enabled this country to remain a free republic, matter of fact, our precious men and women in uniform have afforded all of Europe the right to keep and maintain a minimal military, while spending their money on corrupt social programs and bogus climate hijinks. It is our American might that keeps these jokers in Europe all toasty warm and safe, we need to let them fight their own battles and watch how quickly they abandon the global warming hoax and socialism.

America’s liberal virus will decimate this country within the next two years, the Obamafacation of the US will be irreversible if conservatives do not take back both the House and the Senate. The fact that these meniscus are not held to high treason for crushing the Constitution is a crime, at the very least it’s impeachable. For those of you democrats who believe your party has been over run by a minority of whack jobs, your right! In previous post I have described the agenda and ultimate attainable conquest of the liberal disease. They plague both the republican and democrat isle, we must rid ourselves of these domestic terrorist.

When I write on liberal blogs, they attack me personally, because 90% of them cannot logically debate, these are the sheep, you know to whom I refer. The naive dreamers at work who believe everyone is entitled. They remind me of my atrocious spelling and child like grammar, thankfully neither is my forte. However, I am a very concerned American whose willing to bet I can articulate as well as the majority and that’s not all I have in common with the majority! We are tired and refuse to be beaten down any longer, “Our voices will be heard!”

The liberal virus is killing us: A couple quick thoughts part one

1.13 people are dead because we have been systematically and methodically conditioned, we are to frightened to say “you walk like a duck, talk like a duck, look like a duck, let’s investigate”

2.If men wearing a yellow jackets walk into a school yards every day and kidnap one child, how long is it going to take before we stop the next guy with a yellow jacket crossing the play ground?

3.Since our military has become Obamafied, how many soldiers have lost their lives due to these new ridiculous rule of engagement? It’s only a matter of time before we start convicting our soldiers for shooting the enemy without being shot at least twice.

Liberal Virus

1.Over load the federal welfare system, collapse the economy, and crush capitalism.
2.Disintegrate the American family, replacing it with the state. Children will be trained in school to be “good” citizens “compliant, that is”.
3.Regulate the birth rate and life span according to societal contribution and tax revenue.
4.Weaken America’s defenses so we will be forced to adopt other nations policies and adhere to international law.
5.Dismantle the Constitution. Liberals, being natural traders to the republic loathe the Constitution.
6.Eliminate the middle class and replace it with a socialized working class, creating the “haves” and the “just barely have enough’s”.

Fellow Christians, God bless and keep you, tell some one about Christ today and save a life. God bless