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Liberal Democrats VS America…Are we Losing?

This massacre in Texas is a direct result of nefarious liberal policies, these policies aren’t just misguided, they are intended to deplete this nations foundation of all it’s strength. Due to multiculturalism and political correctness, the liberal agenda casualty count has risen. Our self designed emperor has instructed us not to come to any conclusions, you know, due to the implementation of left wing ideology, people refrained from kicking this animal out of the military because he might sue for discrimination, something bizarre like that.

When President Obama informed the nation of the killings, he was sure to explain it as “oh, by the way”. He spent two minutes enthusiastically thanking the native Americans and then proceeded to describe the cold blooded killings, in his best flat lined monotone speak. This is egregious. I recently wrote a post about the Political Correctness Disease, explaining that hero’s were dying due to these witless liberal policies. The more the evidence surfaces, the more this begins to resemble a terrorist assault on American soil. The idea that we cannot get the White House to even acknowledge this fact, should accentuate just where the allegiance lies.

Why won’t this administration dare to consider this a direct attack on this nation? Well they do, but more importantly, why won’t they admit it? If this cold blooded killer were to be a white supremest Nazi dirtball, you can bet all the “air” in Obama’s arrogance that he would have brought this to the forefront. All of this administrations propaganda machine, CBS, ABC, CNN, and of course NBC , would be spinning the web of hatred. Remember Obama’s rush to judgment on the Skip Gates affair, where he accused the white cop of profiling, when indeed it was not even close? He looked like a fool.

This was an attack, facilitated by the left wing branch of America, make no mistake about it, political correctness had its filthy hand in these brutal slayings. Where is this going to end. The Washington Times reports that our playboy President Clinton outlawed soldiers carrying guns on base as soon as he got in office, no doubt to appease all the insidious left wing loons. He made it impossible for our guys to arm themselves, even for personal protection. Time and time again liberals undermine our military hero’s, our boys and girls are sent out to battle with one hand tied behind their backs. If soldiers were armed, there is no doubt in my mind that Nidal Malik Hasan would have met his just demise long before thirteen hero’s lost their lives.

Liberal policies are the wreckage of this nation, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Halfwit Barney Frank, and my state’s shyster and swindler, Chris “Countrywide” Dodd, have no regard for our constitution, which works out well for the President who tramples it. When we examine the decline of America, we can assuredly see that liberal policies are at the root 90% of the time. This ridiculous global warming, now known as “climate change” along with the Unions, both had a hand in sinking the auto industry. While other countries enjoyed the low cost of labor and relaxed environmental restrictions, they were able to invest more capital in design, innovation, and technology. Al Gore is a fraud, he cannot debate a credible opponent because he would lose and he is making an obscene fortune off scare tactics and bold face lies, you can follow his carbon footprint all the way to the bank!

Gun control is one of the largest liberal lies, these laws protect no one, just like drugs, if criminals desire to attain them, they’ll get um. Meanwhile, a man who needs to protect his family is drug through the ringer in most states and hampered by tedious restrictions. Liberal lie: Get Guns Off The Streets. They aren’t the law-abiding citizens guns, this fallacy is just another attempt to frighten people. If more people were armed, there would be less crime, and maybe we could get rid of some of these corrupt arrogant police officers and redeem some of the money they leach off the taxpayer. (don’t get me wrong. God bless the honest cops and keep them safe, but their getting harder to find.) Case in point: Your on the subway, a crazy man starts methodically mowing down passengers as they sit, if you had a gun, maybe you could stop him, if everyone had a gun, he would certainly be stopped. They talk about the dangers of a gun in the home, do you know that they could use the same logic and bogus statistics for bathing in the home? I don’t believe we’re going to stop doing that anytime soon.

Believe this, I have said it before, this democrat party sure ain’t your grandmothers democrat party. This administration and Barack Obama specifically, do not believe that the carnage at Fort Hood was the action of an anti-American terrorist, which all factual accounts clearly point out; Barack Obama and his smiling evil ideologue’s hate the America we love. They believe that this man is one of many oppressed and misunderstood victims of American imperialism and white Christian ignorance in particular. They are more concerned about a Muslim backlash than the truth, this should scare and sicken you. Obama’s melancholy speech was an insult. They despise World War 2 America, cowboys, free enterprise, the pilgrims. true followers of Christ, apple pie and Chevrolet and true equality; they believe that is what is wrong with America. Let me tell you this, they will sacrifice their own, willingly, to attain this false utopia. Their politics are a contradiction and based purely on emotion. This may be the beginning of an Islamic assault in America.