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On January 20th, Barack Obama was sworn into office, a hard core leftist disguised as a moderate, wielding a deceptive mantra of hope and change, at a time when America was so desperate for it. We had witnessed the debacle of George Bush, who put the for sale sign on the lawn and hosted an open house for big business, amnesty, out of control spending, and a desire to placate mindless liberals. A good portion of the American citizenry looked upon Barack Obama as a sort of savior, who was above typical politics and the Washington chicanery.

Unfortunately, America was wrong. President Obama soon revealed himself as a typical tax and spend liberal, with a left wing social agenda on steroids. Nearly nine moths into his presidency, Barack Obama has received The Nobel Peace Prize, right wing pundits are stupefied, claiming he’s done do-nut, zilch, zero. Wrong. Obama has amassed an unhinged group of left-wing zealots; these mono-thought idealist have been the cavity in this great countries existence since it’s founding.
Liberals have decimated the African-American community; first by destroying the family, replacing the father with a government check. Secondly, liberals infiltrated urban academia, rewriting history and planting the seeds of contention. Every crime ridden metropolis run by liberals siphon’s money off the working taxpayer. They create bizarre social programs designed to engineer the youth to believe that they are victims. These programs are built to ensure failure and dependance on the state. It doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to see this scam, cities never get better, they get worse, and more money is injected, then stolen by liberals for kick backs or bogus state jobs.
Liberals can be counted on to inappropriately interject the race card every time that they are exposed or caught red handed. Acorn for example, this gaggle of money grubbing thieves has been caught countless times for voter fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion. Bertha Lewis is now claiming that the motivation behind shedding the light on her criminal empire, is racial! Imagine that. Liberals time and again defy logic. Honor and accountability are two traits that the liberal ideology is void of.
Christianity, is perhaps the liberals most despised phenomena; how can a human being dedicate his life to an unseen creator or believe that compared to another he is frail and fallible. Liberals cannot buy or cheat the concept of Christianity, so they ruthlessly persecute it. They mock Jesus every chance they get, however Muhammad, the leader of a religion that is mercilessly wicked and oppressive to the liberal lifestyle, goes unchallenged. Why? Because liberals fit in one of three categories; either cowardice small minded vermin or ditsy aloof moon-bat or elitist. All of which are the single greatest threat to this nation.
The ACLU is a fine example of why liberalism is a psychosis rather than a true political persuasion. The American Civil Liberties Union will spend millions of dollars defending terrorist, criminals, and other anti Americans, in their war on The United States .They specialize in persecuting Christianity. Like liberalism itself, the ACLU is only concerned by ones ideology, and therefor has no credibility. Our founders, who were predominantly Christian, simply didn’t agree that the state should slip its tentacles into religion, they witnessed the corruption and abuse of power over in England, religion was too important to them. Here are a few of the ACLU’s outstanding accomplishment:
In 1992 the ACLU persuaded a judge to approve adoption of a young boy by his mother’s lesbian partner.

In 1995 the ACLU spoke out against the Flag Amendment which would have banned burnings and desecration’s of the American flag.

In 1996 the ACLU worked with senators to defeat legislation providing federally-funded cash vouchers to students in Washington D.C.’s religious schools.

In 1997 the ACLU successfully beseeched the Supreme Court to protect the rights of pornographers on the Internet – including the right to show their images to children
Liberalism is burning America to the ground, soon we will be sifting through the ashes for common decency and hope. The more liberals accomplish ,the worse our nation becomes and the closer it inches to irreconcilable destruction. Soon every educational institution will be the breeding ground for social engineering; your children will be learning revised history, and indoctrination for the American democratic socialist party begins in pre-school. It’s happening now. Soon America flags will be contraband, they are sure to violate the civil rights of illegal aliens, this is not a joke, we are in trouble. The constitution is our governments only salvation, those who oppose it should be exposed as traitors to our nation.


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