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Korean father murdered by black man

Black man kills Korean father
Upon reading my headline, you may wonder when this occurred. Try this “ Man gets shoved to his death in N.Y. Subway” While the race of the killer is irrelevant to me, I can’t help but to wonder, what if the headline read, “Black patron violently shoved to his death by angry white” However before we become derailed by the blatant bias of the American press, lets look elsewhere. Something no one but me, Glock Russman, has mentioned. Forget about the Times photographer who just happen to be there, who by the way, valiantly flashed his camera bulbs to alert the train. (lol idiot needed the flash for the pic)
What about the on-lookers who had ample time to reach for the victim? People who were much closer than the helpless Time’s guy, they made no effort. They were quick to photo the dead Korean father of one, limp and lifeless. I will be the first to ask, “Is there no public outrage that people stood by unengaged?” “Why is the press not covering this atrocity” What’s more mind boggling, a random lone nut shoving another to his death? Or people within reach, waiting for the train to pummel this poor man?
My questions
  1. Who were these people close by who offered not help?
  2. What color were they? Again, what color were they?
    There it is! Is this why the media is silent? The color of the one lookers? We haven’t been told, but I surmise if the cowardly witnesses were white, this story would be on fire.
    Remember the more we’re divided, the greater their control. They love us hating each other.