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Kirsten “I owns my white privilege” Gillibrand

At approximately 8:59 pm est. I decided to throw caution against the wind and visually ingest as much contrived bullshit as I could humanly stomach, so as to see if this handful of politicians remained true to their diabolical course. In this way, I was not disappointed.

At 9:00 pm est. I became a reluctant witness cautiously viewing a deranged orchestra of lunacy, I can’t be alone with my repulsion of this digital madness, the 2nd Democrat debate.

One particularly nauseating moment occurred while listening to Kristen Gillibrand explain in an obviously rehearsed statement that her “white privilege” gave her a special insight into mending racial discord.

As President, Gillibrand would march right out to the heartless smoothly paved roads of suburbia and learn these misguided females about some white privilege.

(below) What do you mean that you’ve never heard of white privilege?

President Gillibrand would canvas every neatly landscaped cul-de-sac and enlighten these brainless buffoons with some straight knowledge, “ when your child walks down the street with a bag of M&M’s in their pockets wearing a hoodie, they won’t get their faces blasted off because they’re white!”