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Killing Us By Degrees

Since the Wilson administration first implemented the fascist progressive apparatus, The United States of America has been under attack. In the year 2011 we are no longer the country our founders established or would ever recognize. The package says U.S.A, but all the parts are made in China. Our government is absolutely skewed today, officials have no regard for our mortality much less our liberties. They have sacrificed American lives in erroneous conflicts for commodities and power, they have sold the security code protecting our homes to a bunch of murderous invaders for their votes and loyalty. They have enslaved our poor onto welfare plantations.
The Obama administration is responsible for the impending collapse of The United States. The name Obamatron refers to President Obama’s loyal subjects infected through state run propaganda, life long left wing dissidents, or people who have been suppressed by economic oppression. The Obamatron’s are selling our south west borders to drug cartels and foreign interest. They have created policies leaving the people of Arizona, Texas California, and New Mexico helpless. American citizens in those states are losing their property and their lives. The Mexican war is a covert operation in which drug dealers and the US government along with wealthy foreign elites are methodically killing Americans and stealing their land. Left wing policies and disinformation have labeled southwestern and southern white Americans as ignorant racist, in an attempt to marginalize the truth. Soon they will grant immunity to every illegal alien and criminal, thus insuring a massive welfare state and secure voting block.
The Obama administration with the inside support of progressives both republican and democrat are literally selling our land and weakening our national defense. ( This so-called necessity of a debt ceiling bill will gut our defense ) Governors in many states are making deals with the Chinese, pimping out American land and citizenry for quick money. This is treason, but Americans remain stupid. Our enemies, such as Iran, are within reach of having missiles that can strike our soil. Progressive propaganda has brow beaten the citizenry into believing The United States are imperialistic bullies and deserve mortal retribution. Eminent domain are two words the American citizenry are quickly becoming familiar with, if the government wants your land it takes it. Corrupt progressive judges are mercenaries of the state, career judges voted in by no one and accountable to no one.
This did not begin with Obama, however he is fulfilling the destiny of the wealthy elite who placed him in the White House. John McCain served the same master, they merely through him in the ring to assure the Obama Presidency. The rulers of the world do this often, they stage wars playing both sides and make fortunes on their spoils. Look at our embarrassment in Egypt, we swore that taking the side of the rebels was imperative for democracy, knowing the revolutionaries we murderous anti- Americans and anti- Israel. They know that no matter what Israel does, Muslims will not rest until they are exterminated. They know that we will never subdue the Islamic threat, yet they have infected American children with multiculturalism and guilt.
Globalist and progressives are destroying this nation by degrees. The progressive apparatus in Washington and throughout the world understands that Americans will not willfully rescind their liberties, so they take them an inch at a time. Destroying the fabric of society brick by brick, by rewriting history is our schools, forced multiculturalism, hate crimes, special interest, homosexuality, and the big banana for any good fascist, the destruction of Christianity as we knew it. In the Obama Nation, we belong to global interest. In reality the President is a nobody, an idealistic puppet, but he has been chosen to be the face plate of the “ New Beginning” the globalization of The United States.
The republic of America was created to provide the individual with liberties to achieve exceptionalism, with a limited government the citizenry wasn’t weighted down by the collective or the responsibility to pull an incompetent Americans share. It was a New World, with endless possibilities. Now we are forced to serve the interest of the collective. Through regulations, policies, and politics our individual liberties have been negated, we are slowly being directed into the line, blindly. Killing US by degrees. The American public becomes desensitized with each deliberate tragedy that undoubtedly trades liberty for “security” or “economic safety” . As each event becomes more paramount to resolve, the further we give what little we have left. Welcome to Amerika, comrade.


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