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The left is targeting the West for extinction, but who are they?

When one envisions the radical left, soul jolting aberrations with green hair and horse-faced lesbians (1)  instantly invade the mind. However, the left encompasses a fairly wide-ranging constituency, from the rudderless stooges who flail in shallow ponds of gullibility, to the most dedicated revolutionary who ardently follows a diabolical directive.

The Left is actually comprised of several large &expendable factions forming a clueless subordinate, maneuvered like a marionette by a faceless cabal.

A mysterious and sinister cabal of globalist who would love nothing more than to rule a sparsely populated and pristine green globe on which they can erect their elaborate golden kingdom, while the surviving world population serves as slaves.

Factions of the Left

  • Liberals, radical environmentalist, mainstream media, academia, Hollywood
  • Democrats
  • heterodox sexual movement (homosexuals, lesbians, transgender, pedophiles and sheep fuckers)
  • Non-white coalition
  • Illegal immigrant movement

To keep things less confusing, whenever I reference the left in this post, I am referring to the numerically modest network of wealthy uber-elites that passionately steer the misdirected minions in their movement.

What they are doing?

The left intends to dismantle the very vital innards of the West with copious doses of viral infection, compromising our cultural immunity, strong traditional family bonds, objective reasoning, law and order, and the patriarchy.

Few Americans have noticed the decades-long campaign to feminize young men of the West with subversive propaganda, permeating from Hollywood, mainstream media, academia, and even thru legislation. The left, through subterfuge and outright treason, has made significant progress in their campaign to end the West, keenly aware that if the patriarchy can be compromised, it will only be a matter of time.

The left has targeted the once firmly rooted foundation of the traditional white family by glamourizing single-motherhood, homosexuality and by validating various sexually deviant and dangerous behaviors.

At this very moment, predators are being invited into elementary schools by the conspirators among the faculty and given close physical access to our children. These preditors consist of creepy white men who have abandoned any trace of masculinity, promoting vile and pathetic behavior that devastates many young minds by promoting confusion and self-loathing.

The left understands what an enormous threat young white men and the traditional family pose to their maniacal obsession to run the world, these formidable institutions are the very bulwark guarding the core of Western Civilization against those that wish it dead.

What’s their motivation for razing the West?

The elites of the left are similarly devoid of empathy and a moral code, their only purpose is to establish a virtual paradise on Earth in which they are the sole authority. They reject the thought of leaving this task in the hands of common men and women that dwell outside of their elite fraternity.

However, there is something both tangible and intangible encoded in the DNA of those sharing a European heritage and when properly motivated or inspired, they become an unstoppable force.

Heroic titans throughout the storied history of the West have risen up against insurmountable odds and tyranny emerging victorious, however, this enemy is embedded within various facets and ranks of our OWN society, seemingly at odds against their own countrymen.

Considering the unimaginable

It was inevitable, a small number of conspiracies reporting the Coronavirus was intentionally released, just to damage Trumps chances for reelection. As I read a few of the ludicrous ramblings, I scoffed, “How pathetic”.

Then I was struck, like an unfortunate traveler pancaked on a crosswalk by a dumb broad reading a text from her BFF, flattened but still alive it soon became a reasonable question.

Of course, I work for the Democrats, they gave me a free Smartphone

Did the Democrats unleash the Coronavirus in their desperate bid to unseat Trump?

Only a few months ago the Democrats were determined to impeach President Trump, as a synchronized force, Democrats in Congress, mainstream media, and influential pop-culture dip-shits doubled-down on blatant lies and disinformation to crush the President.

It was clear to anyone not suffering from severe forms of mental incompetence or retardation that the Dems would employ any tactic possible, in a bid to oust Trump.

Rudderless Democrat Stooge

There was only so much of the impeachment drama that I could stomach to watch, however, the small sampling which I ingested was unprecedented, I truly mean this!

Throughout the entire disgraceful exercise, Democrats had seamlessly cultivated and swore to outlandish lies and obvious cock-n-bull stories like it was their job. I’ve been studying politics for some time and fancy myself as brighter than most (or at least, many) and without exaggeration, I can honestly confirm that I’ve never heard so many unsubstantiated lies.

The Democrats in congress would publicize a treacherous lie, in an attempt to defame Trump and 99% of the cable “news” outlets would report it as fact, nevermind making an effort to vet the charge. I’ve never felt something so surreal, Dems would risk any stitch of credibility by promoting bonafide bullshit with zero evidence.

They actually believe that we’re enemies, ahh haa

The lefts utter contempt for Donald Trump knows no limits, I once concluded that they would sacrifice actual lives to remove this President. The Democrats would snuff out millions, even sacrifice their own, to thwart the Trump phenomena.


Good question. For the Democrats, this is DEFCON 4 and if they fail to stop Donald Trump, his reelection will legitimately have potentially irreversible consequences to the left’s agenda. Trump will replace at least one more Supreme Court judge after Ginsberg bites the dust and the left fears that Roe V Wade will be rolled back.

The left see’s a swift and fatal farewell to all the insidious bullshit that they have saddled the country with since the 60s if Trump is reelected and they are hopefully right.

Global Elite