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Kill Whitey… It’s OK

Earlier this week, scumbag extraordinaire David Patterson, whined incessantly that race has played a significant role in his negative media coverage and poor all around public standing. As if his utter incompetence and sheer buffoonery hadn’t the slightest connection with his currant reality. This is just the latest attempt from a black politician to play the race card, further marginalizing the tremendous struggle and accomplishments from civil rights pioneers like Martin Luther King.

While down in Tennessee the first of several soulless animals, who happen to be black, had escaped the death penalty for the murder, rape, and torture of a young couple, who happen to be white. Letalvis Cobbins, heartless killer, no longer has to worry about being executed by the state; instead the guilty Cobbins will spend the rest of his days in jail, where he will eat, sleep in a warm bed, brag to all his cell mates about his manly merciless kills, living off of the tax payer’s dime.

Now you may ask, “What does David Patterson’s race fueled psychosis and a murder of a young college couple have to do with each other?” Well here goes. Patterson’s race baited ramblings received front page national coverage; the government controlled media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and so on) loves a chance to exploit erroneous claims of a black man being held down by the big bad white machine. However, Hugh Christopher Newsom Jr. (23) and Channon Gail Christian’s (21) murder hardly hit the radar.

The young couple was carjacked, brutalized; they were raped, tortured, and died a hideous death. I will leave you with those facts, you can Google the story if you would like, and it has all the disturbing details. This unprovoked crime is sensational, the only reason however it is not discussed ad nauseum by the Today show and other facets of the President’s media, is because the victims were white and the perpetrators are black. The Kid, who was buried alive in the sand at the beach, made a bigger splash on the networks.

Let’s put the cards on the table, if this were a black couple, raped, tortured, robbed and finally exterminated by four white punks, distinguished scholars like Rev. Al Sharpton and his liberal ilk, would be marching in the streets. I dare to say race baiting enthusiast would be crawling out of the woodwork, inciting angry protest and violence. Had they been psychotic white dirt bags, which perpetrated this evil crime, Matt Lauer and Chris Matthews would be drooling over the prospect of exploiting America’s inability to except diversity. This would be further fodder for white liberal guilt, thus expanding the divide liberal democrats rely on to secure the African American vote, every four years. And at the very least, Mr. Obama would have referred to the accused, as acting stupidly.

Take a good look at our country, are your eyes open? How much press coverage did the Black Panther carrying a night stick at the voting polls get? What say, this gentlemen was a white supremacist, intimidating voters caught on camera? Can you say reparations? America would be standing on its head. The point being, the government controlled media has taken special directive, and liberal race divisiveness does not work when they are objective. This poor couple fell victim to ruthless killers, it shouldn’t matter what color they were. The media does not see it that way, these stories conflict with their portrayal of a greedy white racist run nation.