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My God, is there no refuge from the toxic sludge of political correctness? Tom Warrior of the famed Celtic Frost & Hellhammer is a card-carrying man with a vagina, what a disappointment.

I love the old 80s metal like Celtic Frost and Venom; it is so simple yet aggressive and raw, without all the high-end production. So what a shock it was to come across this video and discover the aging metal-head was such a pussy.

The girl in the video is a sexy Italian babe; I thought at first the old hound was trying to get in her drawers by pretending to have an over-abundance of estrogen. However, now I’m going back to a recent beef that he had with Metallica and I’m not so sure.

Tom Warrior was less than impressed after discovering that Metallica had covered one of Frost’s songs live, he complained that they butchered it. I loved it, but then he began taking swipes at Hetfield for blastin’ some bears to hell on a hunting excursion in the great outdoors.

This punk actually says that people should exercise their free speech unless that speech undermines any of his soy boy beliefs, what a loser. I am shock-ed.


Adder Puff

Adder Puff