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California homelessness has become a lifestyle for some.

We’re watching the once great Golden State devolve in real time, from the fecal coated streets in San Francisco to the flourishing third world shanties in Los Angeles; they are all casualties of the left.

130,000 homeless

¼ of the Countries homeless Vet’s reside in California

Highest state income tax in the U.S.

Ranked 45th on the Nations report card (test scores)

The 13th highest crime rate

Largest consecration of illegal hostile foreigners

1.2 trillion dollars in debt

In California, homelessness is a lifestyle more than a tragic ending to a story of a man whose luck ran sour. The homeless there are an unwashed collection of drug addicts and mentally ill slackers whose depraved lifestyle is subsidized by the state.

heroin addict comfortable in the homeless lifestyle.

It’s terrifying to think that an entire state has embraced such a deranged leftist philosophy; California is a flowering example of what the Democrats intend to bring to the rest of America.

California’s moral decay certainly results from decades of liberal policies, these abysmal results were no fluke, Democrats have been relentlessly derailing this train since 1992.

The protocol from the radical left is designed to perpetuate drug abuse and mental illness by co-signing their failure; they’ve created a culture of individuals that feel entitled to receive handouts from the state.

California’s elite aristocracy is well insulated from the chaotic bedlam that it propagates within communities by the protection of fortified walls and expensive security. Big wheels from the political gentry like Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsome are wealthy enough to never come in contact with a dirty peasant unless it’s a pre-planned photo op. Their children and grandchildren are also safely segregated from the violence and drugs that permeate the serfdom outside their gates.

Do Democrats even have a soul? If the current roster of charlatans running in the Democrat primaries is any indication, it’s a NO. They are rabidly committed to the political hustle; there is no depth too low or no deal too sleazy to prevent the left from attaining a vote.

Democrats have drastically evolved just in my lifetime, into amoral sadist void of any boundary or conviction that could hinder their quest for power. California is a prime example of everything wrong with America in 2019.