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Kaepernick Finally Exposed

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This week the NFL graciously facilitated the whole” kit and kaboodle” for washed-up social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick to finally flop on his face and prove once and for all, that he is a talentless loser. The NFL invited all 32 teams to a state of the art facility on Saturday,  giving Kaperdink an opportunity to impress the representatives from each team. (they probably sent ball boys and pretzel vendors)

The former QB turned annoying agitator called up 30 minutes before showtime to change the venue. Kapernick assembled a media circus at some local high school and pretended to “wow” the world with a passing clinic.

The 32-year-old former QB snubbed the NFL’s attempt to showcase his supposed talents in an unprecedented event. The NFL probably had their own motives, but who cares! They actually gave this shit-bird the opportunity that he has been complaining about for 3 years. The truth is that Kaepernick knows that he can’t compete on the gridiron, but he’s desperately struggling to remain relevant.

In  Kaepernick’s interview immediately following his low-budget attempt to showcase his elusive talent, he actually calls out the NFL, the balls on this guy!  He sounds like a ghetto thug, really layin’ on the black. Watch this interview and the one which immediately follows. You’ll be shocked.

Now here’s Kaepernick in 2013 before he was completely black, he actually talks and sounds like a normal dude. This only validates my irrefutable theory that Colin Kaepernick knew he was washed up and concocted this kneeling during the Anthem as a gimmick to remain in the spotlight.