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Jurassic Party:Joe Biden, one of two candidates leading in the Primary, but does he represent the democrat party?

Will establishment Joe, keep th democrat party from coming off the rails? Or will he need a nap?

In a party that’s been retooled to vilify straight white men, capitalism, the constitution, and intelligent cognition, two decrepit white dinosaurs both with male appendages are leading the Democrat primaries.

Biden, the gaff monster, who just announced his candidacy today, is already in a statistical dead heat with his quasi-socialist counterpart, Bernie Double down Sanders, no relation to the Colonel.

The sudden popularity of the Party’s progressive faction is a problem for Joe, who to this day doesn’t realize that his progressive card has been pulled.

These aren’t your grandfather’s progressives; they represent a growing number of people that don’t identify with the American concept of individuality and self-determination.

Old Progressive

Democrat candidates have met the requirements of the most recent diversity mandate; any rational American will be welcoming the “End of Days”. Take a gander at this unsettling sampling of the 20 democrat nominees:

  • Pete Buttigieg: Buttigieg which is Germanic Hassan for “crazy little booty shaker” is a faith-based homosexual with very discernible experience, but he is gay.
  • Cory Booker: Booker a mildly-black man that only looks gay is a self-described Spartacus. He was accused of aggressively fondling a female tit back in High School.
  • Tulsi Gabbard:  A Samoan Hindu, Gabbard has ties to a cult. Chris Butler a yoga instructor and leader of the Hare Krishna’s has been publically linked to the Gabbards.
  • John Hickenlooper: The last name and the fact that he’s a Quaker.Enough said.
  • Wayne Messam: A son of parents from Jamaica, Messam has zero practical experience and had issues with an ethics probe also some deal with a restraining order.
  • Robert Francis O’Rourke: Beto? Robert Francis assumed the name Beto to improve his odds in a 92% Hispanic county, what if they were 92% Czech would he change his name to Kocka? After Beto lost against Ted Cruz, he actually ate soil from the filthy outdoor floors of Mexico; he couldn’t even consume good old American dirt. What a sell-out.
  • Kamala Harris: Harris is a very light-skinned woman of color, just the way liberals like them. She is a millionaire. She championed policy that would lock-up parents in California for their children’s truancy.
  • Julian Castro: Castro is a Mexican with ties to Mexican nationalist.

How dubious and unnerving does this sound? “Look it’s the President of the United States, and leader of the free world, Julian Castro.”     

Will dusty old Joe remain the face of the Democrat party?

Next time on Jeopardy-

Three presidents whose first names begin with the letter “J” for one hundred, please. Who are John F Kennedy, James Madison, and Julian Castro?

Julian is the bastard son of Mama “Rosie” Castro, she was a Chicana political activist who inspired her twin sons Julian and Joaquin to forgo an honest profession and hold public office. Rosie helped establish the political party La Raza Unida (The united race), it appealed to illiterate bottom dwellers standing for Mexican nationalism and they frequently utilized civil disobedience.

Mama Castro admittedly influenced young Castro and almost certainly has a strong impact on his ideology today. J.C. is one of many young Dem’s to only faintly resemble the party of old man Joe.

Establishment Joe’s long an illustrious career funded by the reliable middle-class taxpayer, a demographic of citizens that his Democrat rivals are seething to dismantle.

Jurassic Party?

One such candidate is the 69-year-old Indian squaw and senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren. This is the type of leftist without regard for reality or any conceivable moral axiom that Biden must contend with.

Biden should just be himself, he’s the only candidate yet to sell his soul to the radical leftist gods, but just like crazy Bernie, he might be seduced to “out-left” his comrades.

The Democrat party may not be ready to go complete Hugo Chavez, this will benefit Joe Biden. Why is Biden yet to receive an endorsement from his close friend and ex-boss Obama? If Joe implodes in magnificent fashion, Obama would look like a fool.

Ocasio-Cortez a brainless wunderkind

One thing is certain establishment Joe won’t disappoint; he is guaranteed to produce some hilarious gaffes and hopefully will return to the creepy hair sniffing. I crack up when he insists on putting his face two inches away from the person he’s interacting with, he’s a close talker.

Will the democrat party remain the party of stale ideas, big ceramic smiles, crusty old white folks, and liver spots?

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