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Jackie Chan Ponders Freedom

In an associated press interview, Jackie Chan expressed his apprehension for a free and absolute democracy in his homeland of China. Chan, with his new found wisdom, understands the amount of responsibility that freedom requires. The Hong Kong native recently remarked that,“ We Chinese people have to be controlled.” He seemed to be caught in a quandary as to whether or not his fellow countrymen could adjust to a free society without succumbing to anarchy. Chan also added, “If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”
The future does look bleak Jackie, at least in a Godless society, it does. When people only have the government to be accountable to, your in trouble. Men with wealth, power, and influence are fallible, and rarely escape the tentacles of corruption and greed.
In America, we are blessed to have been a nation endowed by our creator, and built upon Judea- Christian values, which far outreached those of enlightened modern thinkers.
I wonder, do our titian’s of the silver screen, believe that Americans should be controlled? Is this why Hollywood’s elite so rabidly bash Christianity every chance they get? Is this why Sean Penn, from the box office bomb, “Milk” chastised those who supported prop8? What would happen if Americans were free to do what they want?
I honestly believe, had Jackie Chan not been so successful, there would be no doubt in his mind as to the importance of freedom. Unfortunately, Christians in China, without millions of dollars, haven’t the luxury to wonder whether freedom will work. It’s hard to ponder, with the foot of an oppressive government baring down on your neck.