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It’s OK to be Repulsed by Homosexuality

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The fear of being subjected to ridicule, judgement, and penalties that could adversely affect their livelihood, deters most men from expressing their natural aversion to homosexuality.

Most men still retain a semblance of their survival instincts, although much of those have been extracted from our hard drive with each subsequent generation. Basic traits, installed by millions of years of evolution, are sadly lost or becoming unfamiliar.

Our most primitive instinct is self-preservation, which was extended to our family, making our lives more fruitful, soon we advanced and discovered the valuable bonds within our tribe. Shortly, we progressed and conquered the complexities of civilization, blah, blah, blah.

In 99% of human history, guy’s getting freaky with other guys was wisely never normalized or never even inspired a noble bond or heroic comradery in the face of brutal war. No, homosexuality has always been a liability upon the human spirit, on several different levels. It’s no surprise that a healthy and stable heterosexual male is naturally repelled or mildly uncomfortable with the thought of the bizarre act.

Social engineers conflate negative views on homosexuality with the person afflicted by it.

Now, one can’t find this unusual preference to be repulsive and detrimental, without being looked at as hateful or ignorant. The homosexual can be a wonderful and valuable human being, while the act that he performs, filthy and improper. There are a multitude of paradoxes which can similarly exist.

It’s OK to avidly protest the “Man” from forcing us to incorporate this perversion on a society in which our children belong. Entertain this concept, homosexuality is a defect like any other, exploited for political purposes by douche bags like Joe Biden.