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It’s his character, Stupid

The economy, George Bush’s gift to the anointed one, Barack Obama, the next president of the United States. If one removes ones self from the cast of characters, Barack, Pelosi, Frank, Bush, McCain, and us, the clueless lambs of sacrifice, you can sit back and watch the movie. The theme is America the Great, turning into a socialist puppet on the strings of the European Union and the New World order. We also have plenty of conspiracy, lies, deceit, and a bit of a love story.

George Bush is the fighter whose committed to taking a dive in the 12th round, McCain is the stumbling oaf, who pretends he is actually trying to win this election. McCain, perhaps one of the less convincing actors, refuses to commit to the task of exposing Obamas terrorist connections, left wing Marxist agenda, and organized crime association. It has taken him at least seven months to convey his acknowledgment of blame for Barney “fancy pants” Frank and other the Democrats who have robbed us blind. It is only now that he is making a half hearted attempt to expose these crooks.

This plan has been in motion for a long time now, Bush would turn a blind eye while Frank, Dodd, and Obamas other leftist tanked this economy. This is part of the reason for Romney’s peculiar loss to McCain in the primaries. After all, if it was the economy stupid, who better to cure our woes than Mit Romney. If he would have beat McCain, he would have outshined Obama on all accounts. Nobody saw that? Why hasn’t John McCain publicly announced Romney to run the economy, in his presidential cabinet? Why didn’t he choose Romney for vice president, to make up for his lack of economic experience, like Obama did Joe Biden for foreign affairs?

Earlier this year in Germany, Barack Obama claimed his membership card for the New World Order. The Europeans fell in love with the Messiah of hope, who proudly championed his international citizenship.

If we ever make it to see the new world in 2009, we will see the hell on Earth that was professed in the bible. Churches and all forms of religion will be run by Pelosi and the new socialist order. Leaders of the church will be prosecuted for speech that might seem hateful or divisive by the government and all Obamas cronies. Acorn, Obamas corrupt get out the vote machine will be in charge of policing anyone who might support an anti government rule. All those black citizens, doped into voting for Obama simply because of color, will reside with the rest of America’s working slaves, the middle class.

The rich elite and Hollywood stars will dance on our backs, while the media continues to portray the individual as an antiquated ideal.


Vote for truth, vote: NOT OBAMA


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