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It’s a New World

With their meticulously clean weaponry shining underneath the sun, China kicked off its momentous celebration, marking the 60th year of communist rule. The pride beamed off their soldiers determined faces, without uttering a word, they convincingly said, “ We are powerful, fierce, and growing; we will not be messed with.” Perhaps the most interesting fact would be, only through China’s toes in the waters of capitalism, have they been able to engineer such massive strength.

Along with the Chinese, the Russians are exercising their military prowess and pumping up their prideful nationalism. Our liberals can only lustfully stare at the progress of these two up and coming meniscus; their liberals rest quietly with bullets in their heads or in prison along side suffering Christians, being tortured and humiliated for their belief in God over government.
While in the west Barack Obama continues his dismantling of America, by infusing crippling social and economical poison; simultaneously weakening the military’s ability to protect its primary responsibility, the American citizen. By kowtowing to dictator’s who despise America and handling Iran with kit gloves, Obama has put the US in jeopardy. Last week Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan thug, attacked America’s previous President George Bush, referring to him as the devil. Obama’s silence on that issue was embarrassing and exposed the young President further as weak and naive. No matter what we believe about our 43rd President, George Bush, he is our President, Obama had a responsibility to repudiate Chavez, yet he wilted.
Hugo Chavez is revered among America’s liberal elite, particularly in the vile amoral axiom of Hollywood. Sean Penn, one of Chavez’s most ardent groupies, is not shy about showing his admiration to Venezuela’s brutal dictator. Penn seems to get aroused by Chavez’s violent grip on power; no doubt Penn would love to send one of his children to school in Venezuela, where Chavez is quite candid about his efforts to indoctrinate them.

Is there anyone else in America who recognizes that the Russians are still behave like the Soviets? Does anyone understand China is becoming our landlord and quietly amassing the means to be the Super Power? Does anyone wonder why a rather numerous group in this country called liberals seem to support anyone or anything that seeks to do this us harm? Does anyone realize our President is a liberal? I used to believe that the American media was asleep at the wheel, I am horrified to find out that their wide awake, they simply refuse to expose any corruption or wrong doings that this administration and its cronies are involved in.

I was not surprised when we were the first to get the boot from the running to host the 2016 Olympics. I was horrified to watch the President degrade and chastise his country while on tour in Europe. Regardless of what the pundits and Obama’s critics have said about his loathsome view of America, I simply watched all of his soaring speeches, I just couldn’t comprehend any justification for a sitting President to take shots at The United States, he took plenty. Among a potpourri of unnecessary insults Obama claimed America was arrogant, and inferred that upon his election The United States had begun to heal its self righteousness psychosis.
China celebrated its 60th year of communism, but never breathed a word about its sixty years of oppression, forced abortion, murder, and pollution. China is a country that every American should be thankful to not be a citizen of. They had a glorious celebration, but it was more than that, it was a tactical demonstration. Upon the world stage, China told us, “We’re here, we’re legit, watch out.”
On that same world stage, President Obama told us, “We’re sorry, we’re weak, and we won’t make a sound.
Maybe the President should have took that time to ask Europe where they would be, had we not saved them in WW2, or where Iraq would be had we left them suffering under the diabolical oppression of Saddam Hussein. Or maybe Africa, without the billions of dollars in aid. God Bless America, if the President won’t say it, I will. Barack Obama is quick to call opposing ideologies worn out and antiquated, he uses vocabulary given to him by his many focus and research groups like “BOLD” and “FRESH”. However it is Obama’s naive and hyper-emotional hippie rhetoric that is worn out; this is not the 1970’s, it’s a new world and our adversaries are playing for keeps.