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What else can be classified as violence?
Women were not designed for this, she is the perfect example of a woman given unearned power.

The beginning of this video is quite disturbing, we can hear from a teacher whose income is tax-payer-funded shockingly claim that speech is violence.

Committing violence always entails the use of physical force and intent. Intent without the use of physical force cannot be violence, it’s just intent. If you shoot someone’s face off because they slept with your wife, then that is violence. If you shoot someone’s face off while you’re cleaning your piece, then that’s an accident.

The left wants to weaponize speech, not their speech, but opposing speech. The premise of that argument is both devious and retarded, Speech is nothing more than vocalized thought, you can’t commit violence with your thought.

If we let the left define any speech that opposes their’s as violent, it will become standard nomenclature, no longer seems outrageous. Next, they will weaponize thought, what’s stopping them? When speech equaling violence no longer seems egregious.