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Is a good Muslim, is a dead Muslim?

Does this sound like hate speech to you? Did you know that the Koran rewards Muslims who die in the name of Allah? Do I have your attention now? The title to this short writing is a play on words. Most good liberals will not read any further, so they can go out and shout how racist I am. First I would remind them that Islam isn’t a race, it’s a religion.
It seems very vogue for today’s Fascist left to spread misinformation and lies, as a means to export their propaganda. The United States has an all too willing media, who believe it is an honor to be a tool for the left, tool being the operative word. The religion of peace, as the left so ignorantly dubs it, when assured by the real Muslim population, the moderates, is not so peaceful. Matter of fact, a moderate Muslim would be the equivalent of a Christian who believes souls can still enter heaven and not believe in Jesus, you know like our President, Barack Obama.
If you study the history of Muhammad or read the Koran, you be forced to admit the religion of Islam is one of violence and world domination. The sooner we except this, the safer we will be. Most droid liberals and progressives will always enter Christianity into the fray, when speaking about Islam. This is a red herring, Christians are certainly not trying to take the world by force, strapping bombs to babies, women, and the mentally retarded. You know you’ll get the enlightened soul who tells you about the plundererous people in Christianities past, the Crusades, blah, blah.
Lock step communist, fascist, liberals, and progressives will always through Christianity into the mix to muddy the waters. This is a tactic they use when their President publicly “messes up”. They remind us how George Bush did so much worse. Well George Bush is not president and Christians are not flying planes into building, so this certainly doesn’t justify their premise. Like Barack Obama, Muslims must stand on their own merits, and seeing as roughly 70% of them believe Jews are in need of extermination, it creates quite a dilemma.
You may fall into the crowd that believes Jews and Muslims will never find peace, but let me remind you Muslims do not hate us because we support Israel. Russia has a huge problem with Muslim terrorist and so does China, neither sends out Hanukkah cards in December. A good Muslim, will die for their beliefs. Radical Muslims want to die for their belief, moreover, they want to kill for their beliefs. Do yourself a favor, find a Koran and learn about the Prophet Mohammad, try to remember it changed as the Prophet Mohammad changed, when he originally reached out to the Jews, he was rejected. Coincidentally, after that point the Qur’an takes up a blatant and unforgiving violent gaze upon Judaism.
I don’t believe it is in a Christians best interest to point out the inconsistencies and contradiction of another religion, be that Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, or the cult of liberalism. I do believe as a modern Christian revolutionary, I must defend my faith as well as my brethren. In doing so I must point out that no matter what foolish publicity campaign of appeasement our President is organizing to pretend he can win the hearts and minds of Muslims, they will never stop their quest for world domination. Do you understand this, they want us dead. In poll after poll, Muslims reveal their contempt for the West. Even in so called “moderate” Muslim nations, over 50% believe Israel should be annihilated.
In short, when you combine the fact Muslims consider a death in the name of Allah, good death and their terminal hatred toward the West, we need weapons not words. Obama can coddle an feel the pain and plight of Islamist until the cows come home, in fact for what it’s cost us, we could give families millions of dollars to leave us alone. We can get down on our knees and beg, “ Please leave us alone”. This will not succeed, it never has, it has only made America look weaker, making us more vulnerable for attacks. Logically, we must inflict so much punishment and pain on our adversaries, any aggressive enemy of ours will weigh the cost, annihilation or survival, you choose.
The end. I hope I have offended those who needed to be offended. I also wish to make it clear, I do not wish anyone dead as the title might suggest. It is a play on words.


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Adder Puff