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Invasive Species: in ultimo

Burmese Pythons aren't the only Invasive Specie
Where all the white weemoan at?

There is hardly anything that’s more calmative to a states cultural cohesiveness than the discombobulating chaos brought in by invasive species.  These unwanted pests are a drain on the economy and a tremendous threat to the native inhabitants. What’s more, if these foreign invaders are not efficiently propelled back from where they came, a state is at risk of losing its identity and everything that’s unique to its existence.

Florida, for instance, is at risk of losing its identity as its inhabitance struggle under siege to survive alien invaders from the third world. These displaced animals thrive amongst the landscape of this southern state, intruding on the native population. This unwelcome foreigner strains the sunshine states fragile balance by reproducing at an alarming rate and our officials have remained somewhat silent.

Understanding that this cold-blooded creature can eviscerate an environment that’s, by centuries of organic synergy, it’s difficult to reckon as to why these invasive species have a few delusional sympathizers’.

You may recoil when I refer to some bottom-of-the-barrel Mexican as an animal, but the animal which I am referring to in the second paragraph is none other than the Burmese python.

python swallows alligator whole
Burmese Python swallows alligator whole

The Burmese Python whose natural home belongs in Southeast Asia was released in the early nineties. When nerdy local rept-0-philes could no longer handle the growing behemoths they parted ways with them in the Everglades, also some pythons were sprung loose from captivity by hurricane Andrews’s decimation.

The damage caused by invasive species such as the Burmese Python, the Snake Fish, the Lion Fish, and others is irreversible, native wildlife has zero evolutional answers to the voracious appetite and prey drive of these unwanted guests. Florida has lost a host of indigenous wildlife in the Everglades that may never return.

The serious calamity that American ecosystems have been forced to contend with, is not too dissimilar from the humanitarian crisis that’s slowly consuming the American public by foreign entities.

Ironically enough, it’s the poorer urban area’s that feel the most potent sting from illegal transgressors encroaching on U.S. sovereignty. The jobs that are poached by these quasi-Spaniards are a small consequence of the epidemic, their drain on an already taxed welfare state and benefits is directly impacting the legitimately lower class citizen.

It has become illegal to house or import Burmese Pythons in Florida as they feverishly attempt to reduce the numbers and limit the damage caused by the invasive reptile. It seems more prudent to reduce the invader’s numbers and restrict its importation than to expect the native wildlife to welcome its own demise. These new laws don’t devalue the python’s worth as an animal or deter its right to exist. The integrity of communities whether animal or man must be respected and valued without fear of intrusion.

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