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Creepy Joe, the latest

Joe Biden confusingly endorses  President Trump

and Democrats want this dusty old stalker to be responsible for a nation of over 300 million? I’m not sure that creepy Joe could manage the drive-thru window at McDonald’s.

Creepy Joe talkin bout dos Negro’s

Politico uncovers shady dealings by Bidens Brother, what a shock!

It seems that former Vice President Joe Biden might have some splainin’ to do. Politico published a report on Monday revealing that his brother, James Biden, may have “fraudulently transferred funds” from a hospital and also taken funds as a “personal loan” that he has not yet repaid.

The FBI raided Americor Health hospital on January 20 amid suspicions of illegal activities involving members of Biden’s family. It appears they may have found evidence of illicit business dealings in connection to the former vice president’s career as a government official.

Many poor saps believe that Biden’s financial indiscretions are limited to the Hunter, his crack-head son who shamelessly milked Ukrainians for millions of dollars, however, this is false. Biden has been raiding the cookie jar for over thirty years and if the media wasn’t snug in the Democrats pockets, sharing space with retreating balls,  more of these stories would come to light.

Biden began as an old man

“The DNC is going to let me be President, so you’ll let me smell that hair if you know what’s good for ya”


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