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In the f**king new’s 9/4

The media is guilty of election interference.

Biden inadvertently exposes the corrupt media

In recent days, the former vice-president has been forced to introduce his lungs to fresh air and adjust his beady eyes away from the dim, artificial light of his basement. If it were up to Biden’s handlers, he’d manage his entire presidential campaign from the safety of his underground bunker, thus reducing the chance of Joe’s glaring deficiencies being used against him.

As disappointing and pathetic as much of the American public has become, they still expect Biden to prove he’s not an empty vessel, operated and maneuvered by power-mad Democrats hiding behind the curtain. (maybe an impossible task)

A swing and a miss…

In a feeble attempt to brush off a report that he is merely a cadaver animated by an alternative power source and activated to deliver Dem’s the White House, Biden staged an event in Wilmington the other day.

At the Queen theater, the former vice-president took questions from reporters and really made an effort to prove that he was indeed alive. Unfortunately, most reasonable adults thought the Q &A came off like an extension of his campaign, the questions were designed to make Biden look awake as viewers struggled to keep from falling asleep.

The shameless media consistently lobbed softball questions at Joe, designed specifically for Biden to take shots at the President and he did. It didn’t matter that much of Crazy Joe’s venom had consisted of half-truths and outright lies; the media wasn’t going to challenge a single word.

Even the portly dough-boy at FOX, Neil Cavuto, who’s no friend of Trump, was outraged by the blatant media bias.

“Let me cut to the upshot there,” Cavuto said. “What they’re essentially saying is, ‘Can you again confirm for us why you think the president is such a jerk given some of these jerky things that he’s said and argued?’

“That’s not fair and balanced. That’s not doing your job.”

It wasn’t the medias obviously scripted questions that proved them corrupt and irrelevant, it was the question that they refused to ask, which confirmed their bias. Several days back, in Pennsylvania, during a question-free press conference, Biden insisted that the President was a liar and he then doubled down on the claim that he never wanted to eliminate fracking.

There is an abundant supply of video to dispute Biden’s denial on fracking, he outright fracking lied! The media could have roasted Crazy Joe on that, but they never mentioned it.

It blows my mind that the public isn’t outraged by the media’s malicious behavior, worse than that, they are visibly interfering in the 2020 Presidential election! Our media is afflicting much greater harm to our so-called Democracy than any foreign  adversary ever could.