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How Will the Democrats casually flush Sanders Down the Loo?

Bernies Bro’s

NBC News Reports:

LAS VEGAS — Sen. Bernie Sanders has jumped out to a double-digit national lead in the Democratic presidential contest after his victory in New Hampshire Primary and his second-place finish for delegates in Iowa’s disorganized caucuses, while former Vice President Joe Biden has seen his support drop by 11 points since his disappointing finishes in both contests, according to NBC News/Wallstreet Journal poll released Tuesday.

These results are terrifying for much of the Democrat establishment, Nancy Pelosi must be trembling so hard that she in danger of shaking the dust off her granny-panties.  A victory by Krazie Bernie will fundamentally disfigure the Democrat Party, dislodging the usual suspects who have built entire fortunes from the party’s unfettered corruption.

Don’t get me wrong, Bernie is hardly a new sheriff coming to clean up the town, however, his gimmick as an anti-billionaire will restrain him from further perpetuating the status quo.

“There is one clear and inescapable set of results: Bernie Sanders is the definitive front-runner, and the current numbers do not represent his ceiling, but instead his base with room to grow,” said Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

Will Money Mike Find It Difficult Silencing His Past?

Bloomberg is dwarfed by a 5’7 man

If the mainstream media was not coddling balls from deep in the pocket of the Democrat Party, Bloomberg might be a for-gone conclusion, publically undone by his past comments and policies, an actual journalist would burn his house down with the tough questions and uncomfortable facts.

Whether or not you support Money Mike’s past decisions and opinions, they definitely don’t jibe with the anal PC stance that’s been adopted by the current clutch of Dem’s.

As a Trump supporter, I welcome Mayor Bloomberg, another flawed and unelectable candidate, I am just flabbergasted that he has virtually bought his way into the primary, positioning himself behind the strength of endless television ads.

Bloomberg’s a creepy old sex-pot

Cheeks Buttigieg Defends His Man-Marriage

Huffington Post Reports:

Pete Buttigieg on Sunday shrugged off Rush Limbaugh’s homophobic remarks regarding his marriage, saying he isn’t going to “take lectures on family values” from the right-wing radio host ― a man known for pushing racist, sexist and anti-LGBTQ views.

Cheeks sounds a little defensive as he defends his unconventional marriage in response to talk show host Rush Limbaugh. When did merely disagreeing with public displays of affection by two homosexuals determine you to be homophobic?

You don’t have to be homophobic to be disgusted

If someone feels, as many do, that two men who express their love by penetrating eachothers anuses are repugnant and unnatural, his character should not be in question, he has done nothing wrong. The left, through their total control over media, academia, and pop culture, has conflated a strong opposition to a behavior as strong opposition to the person, that’s actually an incredible feat.

“Well, I love my husband,” Buttigieg told CNN’s “State Of The Union” when asked if he would like to respond to comments Limbaugh made on his radio show earlier this week.

“I’m faithful to my husband,” he continued. “On stage, we usually just go for a hug but I love him very much. And I’m not going to take lectures on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh.”

A large majority of Americans have a difficult time viewing two men swap spit on the public stage, it’s not the behavior that they want their children to be forced and bullied into agreeing with.

I guarantee in the not-so-distant future, Democrats will absorb pedophilia into their diverse community of righteous causes…. Look for the subject in its entirety in a few weeks on

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