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In the F%cking New’s

There has been some crazy shit going on and if you are a Trump supporter, hell, if you just have a slight aversion to chaos, anti-Americanism, and the systematic throttling of whites, then you, like me, are wondering where all the sane people are hiding.

If your somewhere on the right, it’s highly probable that you’re feeling alone and questioning your sanity. Yes, your party seems to have all-but abandon you and your stepchildren are correct, you are a fat loser… Too extreme? Alright, perhaps it too early to brand an “L” on our foreheads, but “cmon, where’s the cavalry?

Mainstream Media or Publicity Arm of the Democrat Left (PADL) paddle

Democrats in Congress and the media were praying that Corona Virus would inundate unprepared hospitals past their breaking point, culminating in massive casualties, they hoped to tie this dark vision ‘round the neck of the President and finally end his reign.

The media, bless their little artificial hearts, have valiantly led the Democrat charge, selflessly willing to sacrifice any prior credibility and flaunt undeterred obedience to the left. If a random American received $1000.00 for every positive comment from CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN, or the Big Three concerning President Trump or any of his accomplishments, they’d be one broke bastard.

For months, goofballs like Chris”fake-quarantine” Cuomo, Larry Odonnell, hags on The View, Brian Williams and more, have wasted a fortune of air-time trying to connect the President to election interference.

What a tremendous irony, considering that those hacks and the corrupt media that they represent have basically all-but-endorsed 2020s presidential contender, Delawares own Man-o-dementia or as he’s known in certain circles, Joe Biden.

In Joe’s first interview, since earning an over-night furlough from his basement bunker in the psych ward, only preferred journalists were selected to ask him questions. Not only did they lob all softballs, but Crazy Joe seemed to read the pre-written answers from a piece of paper like this was all pre-arranged.

The press does far more damage than foreign influence could ever muster,  without proof, the media and Democrats have siphoned tens-of millions from taxpayers while attempting to connect President Trump’s election win with Russia.

The media is certainly interfering with this election, many low-information/low functioning Americans believe that they are supposed to be unbiased and report the facts, what a crazy fucking concept.

Jaden McNeil

Jaden McNeil,  a student at Kansas State, tweeted what I believe to be a funny and appropriate joke about George Floyd, regarding his 30-day uninterrupted streak of sobriety. Unsurprisingly, McNeil’s tweet, although accurate and non-racial,  managed to provoke a shit-ton of emotionally unstable K-State students that have a bizarre affinity for the newly-sainted Minnesota martyr.

Except for Nick Fuentes and a few others, many on the right have kept silent, regretfully. The thought of being canceled by the left has many former men on the right shitting their jockey’s and that’s pathetic.

Below, is a video of a broad who’s the very definition of a tapped Bidenite, irrationally babbling, this chick is spreading erroneous information while in the desperate throes of full-on trigger mode.

Lebron James

Even before the tragic death of George Floyd, the NBA’s living legend,  Lebron James,  has always been fancied as a social justice warrior. Since that infamous May 25th day, however, Lebron has doubled-down on the immense cringe and hypocrisy that’s involved with being an authentic SJW.

A few weeks back, Lebron relayed to interviewers that as a dutiful black dad, he would educate his little black tot’s on all the perilous danger and difficulties that they will face as blacks in the racist mecca that is the USA.

Lebron, however, isn’t the pious SJW that he would like you to believe he is, not too long ago he publically slapped Daryl Morey’s tiny white hiney for calling attention to the struggles that Hong Kong bis facing. Whapp!

Hong Kong is in a desperate fight for freedom and although they resemble a sputtering fly without wings when compared to the overwhelming mass of their murderous overlords in  China, they’ve valiantly resisted the commie states’ oppressive grip, albeit in vain.

So when Daryl Morey, Lebron’s fellow employee, dared to tweet his support for Hong Kong, James immediately sensed trouble and called him out.

“Yes, we do have freedom of speech,” James told reporters in a hallway inside LA’s Staples Center Monday night. “But at times, there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others, when you only think about yourself.

 Lebron is one of China’s many loyal bedfellows and despite the dehumanizing bent of the authoritarian regime, he has invested ten’s of millions with them.

King James, as his sycophant groupies lovingly address him, rails against the United States, claiming that this great Nation is encouraging systemic racism against blacks, supporting all-white patriarchal governance, and is the sole offending factor in restraining an other-wise prospering and progressing black population.

No other country has been responsible for enriching so many unfortunate lives, here and abroad, many inner-city youths, who couldn’t rub two brain cells together, have amassed fortunes for being genetically gifted at successfully managing balls of one sort or another.

Yet, Lebron James would rather cash in on the pseudo-prestige that’s associated condemning the USA, while supporting, both monetarily and morally, the worst, most inhumane country on the Planet.