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Ignorant in Connecticut

This week, in the armpit of Connecticut, Torrington, a small group of people gathered at the local park for a planned tea party. And sure as rotten food attracts flies, the tea party people were joined by protesters from the “left”, or so the local paper exclaims. With out wasting much precious time the ugliness and ignorance ignited, any time you have a group of alleged white folk together, you know it has something to do with racism.

The local paper reported this extravaganza as a protest between Obama supporters and Obama bashers, typical. As a resident of Connecticut, I can attest to the utter ignorance and over abundance of uninformed people. If your against Obama, you must be a racist, this is by design. Instead of illuminating the outrageous expenditures of our out of control government, these parties have been marginalized and reduced to anti-Obama rallies.

Our Congress continues to spend blindly, while our average Connecticut citizen goes about their busy day wondering when the new season of American Idol will begin. We grunt and complain at the grocery isle, until we become consumed by the tabloid papers coverage of “John and Kate make eight”. Is it really over? Ask a random “Connectikite” what they think about our Congress passing billion dollar bills they haven’t even read yet? They will cynically say, “Well what can you do? There all the same”.

The Constitution States over abundance of white liberal guilt and white liberal racism is only out done by their mammoth amount of ignorance as it pertains to real world solutions. Connecticut’s wealthy elite sold their citizens souls for two casinos and a pocket full of kickbacks, the only buses traveling to these gambling houses will have out of state tags. Don’t get me wrong, the casino’s a beautiful place, where else can you see little unsupervised kids running around at three in the morning, people mortgaging their houses for chips and all you can eat buffet, and elderly ladies with four inches of ash on their cigarettes balancing between two machines.

While certain “news papers” like the Register Citizen, continue in their blatant refusal to expose this gluttonous sham of a government, Connectikites line the womb with obliquity of judgment and federal entitlements. There was a time when journalist took on the “man”, and over paid corrupt hacks, like Senator Dodd squirmed in their high chairs under the scrutiny of justice and the blinding light of truth.