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I Am Liberal, Hear Me Roar

For weeks I have been contemplating interviewing a few liberals for this new posting, I am Liberal, Hear me Roar. I know what makes liberals tick, I just really believe that if they knew what wound their clocks, they would perhaps buy some tickets for the reality train. It is very similar to when an alcoholic first acknowledges that they are sick, this is the “First Step” the road to recovery. Now just like alcoholics or drug fiends, there will be liberals amongst us who refuse to take responsibility for their disparaging and destructive ways, this relates to the law of averages and the human condition.

The dilemma that I have been running into, however, is the average liberal Psyche is wired much like that of a woman. (if we can’t generalize, we can’t get real, if we can’t get real. What’s the point? Get over it. This analogy is not sexist.) Women tend to argue their points based on emotion rather than what I so insensitively refer to as logic. This is not the rule of thumb for all females, but it is for the majority of liberals. Typically when you debate a liberal, you as a conservative or common sense person want to argue 2+2= 4, and this is the only number that is correct when adding 2+2. They in turn want two plus two to equal whatever makes them feel good, without offending anyone else. So yours truly has decided to become a liberal for a moment, thus I will interview myself, and finally we will get the truth from a liberal.

Interviewer: What do you think about the crisis on the border? Do you think the governor was Justified in signing the new law?

Liberal Subject: I believe it is a tragedy. I think the governor is your typical biggot, man. Cops will be pulling over people just because of the color of their skin.

Interviewer: Racist cops?

Liberal Subject: Yes, racist cops will be pulling you over for having a tan, they will be harassing minorities, arresting good folk, and now nothing will stop them.

Interviewer: So what do you think racist cops have been doing this whole time before the law was introduced? Or do you think this law just pushed them over the edge?

Liberal Subject: Oh no, obviously, racist cops were targeting immigrants, there’s no doubt. This law just enables them to do it legally.

Interviewer: Oh really. Can you recite which part of this law give racist cops the green light? And after you can’t do that, because it clearly states profiling is prohibited, Can you inform me what this law will do to the 99% of the police who aren’t racist? Will it force them to corrupt their moral fabric, negating every time they put their life on the line for someone who may not be the same as them? You know what? Interview over, your an idiot.

What exactly goes through the liberal cranium besides the wind and marching orders from progressives, is anyone’s guess. The pitiful fact that the Obamacons are using this sorrowful situation down in Arizona as political capital is an atrocity. Our President and his regime are pathetic,sickening and continue to divide. They continue to categorize us in their little boxes: Native American, Pacific Islander, black, white, Hispanic, and the all ridiculous Other. What the media is refusing to elude to and the administration won’t admit is this that the federal government forced had the hand of the sitting Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer.

These corrupt tapeworms (Obama and his Regime) neglected to enforce the border and as a result violence, murder, and kidnapping have become customary down there. The liberals know damn well that this law merely gives the authority already afforded by our police to mandate. It does not give cops the right to pull over arbitrary tan people and demand to see their papers. Just like our brave military men and women, law enforcement officers go into battle with one hand tide behind their backs, with ridiculous rule of engagement. Men and women are dying, leaving children and family behind, because they are forced by Obamacons to fight a politically correct war, often standing down until their life has already been mortal danger. It is as if we have a baseball team and the coach is telling all the players not to swing at the first two pitches, even if there strikes right down the middle.

Obama has done nothing to stem the horrific situation that is our border, although he has stoked the fear of racism and bigotry for political capital quite well. It is so ironic that this President is constantly preaching from the pulpit of virtue when scolding others on how they should behave, yet this classless phoney will not pass up a chance throw red meat to his hounds. Yes, he is classless, he is sarcastic, petty and shameless. The President of Mexico is mocking our nation and eating grapes while his hoodlums invade our border. I don’t understand why Obama is so afraid to tell him to control his lawless animals, I mean we are over in the middle east blowing people up with Predator Drones, why is this any less of an offense on our sovereignty? Liberals create the illusion that this is all about humble hardworking families are trying to cross the border for a better life.

The liberal roar certainly captures the sympathy of the media and the illusion that they are in the majority, but nothing could be further from the truth. The collusion between the media, big business, and the Obamacon’s is close to treasonous. Look past the rancher, Robert Krentz, who was gunned down by illegals on his own property, then look past all the police officers being sadistically murdered, the kidnapping, the rape, the human trafficking. Look beyond the illegal narcotics being pumped into the vain of the American citizenry, the children too scared or frightened to go to school or concentrate on their education, the immigrants who earned their way into this country who can’t get a job. Look past it all! Because that’s what the liberals would like us to do. They roar RACISM! And everyone scatters. Well not anymore baby, if we can send a man to the moon… Or .. Ahh.. We used to be able to. We can protect the border. It would cost less to construct a fifty foot tall wall that stretches 2000 miles long, with razor sharp electric wire atop than the current debacle.

Let’s face it though, progressive elites love these liberal loud mouth loonies. They are sitting back sicking their liberal army on every cause that disrupts our foundation. The border crisis is furthering their agenda to turn our economy on its head. Let’s also call it what it is, they are thrilled to manifest this into a “white vs tan” feud. Why? Because it is raw, easy, and fuels the lowest common denominator. Conquer and divide. They must make sure any new immigrant realizes that they unable to succeed without federal intervention.

Join the revolution, be a new revolutionary. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, George Washington were all proud to be revolutionaries, are you? Make no mistake friends everyday you we do nothing, the progressives pull one brick from the wall, one stone from the foundation. It is a sad travesty, just what their doing to our borders, they only wish we had several more corrupt impoverished nations, to dilute our traditions, laws, and language.


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