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He’s just not black enough

It's not identifying as the wrong color, he identified as the wrong political party.

It’s completely reasonable to virtue signal, provided that your intentions are in-line with the Democrat party, ie male to a lesbian woman of color, female to cuddly gay Kowala, or attention-starved male jock to female sport’s champion.

However, I pray for your eternal soul if you’re a heterosexual white guy (probably a misogynist too) and you identify as anything other than straight, white, and privileged as hell.

Miami police captain, Javier Ortiz, who previously identified as a white Hispanic male, has performed a heroic escape from the closet and came out to identify as a black man. Although he should be considered for the SJW hall of fame, instead he is being subjected to ridicule and doubt, he’s even been suspended from his job.

NBC News reports:

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said on Wednesday Police Chief Jorge Colina informed him Ortiz has been “relieved of duty.”

“In the coming days, I will be meeting with the Chief to further discuss,” Suarez said in a statement to NBC News. “In the meantime, all law enforcement involved discipline is handled by the City of Miami Police Department.”

Rubin Roberts, chairman of the NAACP’s Miami-Dade branch, told the Miami Herald on Tuesday that Ortiz should be fired.

“The city should be made aware that the statement he made is incendiary,” Roberts told The Herald. “He’s not in any way considerate of black men or women’s plight.”

white chick Rachel Dolezal

When  Rachel Dolezal, wacky white SJW,  identified as black so she could elevate to new heights on the company ladder, she was fiercely protected by the left.