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Herman’s Caning

Herman’s Caning
I recently spoke with a very important person in my life, my Pastor. He happens to originate from Africa, most of my congregation is black. I guess you could say I belong to a black church for the last 10 years anyway. I happened to be over visiting him this beautiful Sunday and we happen to have the TV on. The local state run media was televising with the typical kool aid drinking bobble heads, all concurring as to how Herman Cain’s ship is sinking.
This was unbearable, these hacks had no objective views except the ones they pretended to portray. They ranted together with the typical black liberals who made no reference to Cains “Afrocentricism” or sense of “Black” amid his “racist” republican base. This is truly amazing because Herman Cain, the leading republican, is stretching his fins in a sea of lifelong bigots….Your know the repub’s, that’s what liberal democrats have been telling us for years and years.
Yeah, for years, you know ever since the democrats made us forget that they held on with white knuckles to slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and all that beautiful civil justice. My point being that every time Barack Obama wiped his nose, people like Chris Mathews wet their pants, like the Christ returned. If anything is ground breaking or truly revealing, its Herman Cain.
For decades we have been bull whipped into believing republicans are racist white rich fat cats, well that may be so. But, traditional American conservatives IE: 70% of the population believe in American values, right and wrong, equality and Amen Jesus. 70% who deny the premise you should get something for free off the back of someone else. The Wall Street 99%? Are you kidding me? A Black man, the head of the republican party? If this doesn’t open your eyes just as to how far you’ve been duped, you should just kill yourself.(not literally)
So I asked my Pastor,”What about that Herman Cain?” He says, “No, I don’t like him?”
Me, “Why he is a conservative Christian?”
Pastor “No Can’t stand him.”
This ultimately continues until he finally admits he will never vote for a republican. He explains to me that republicans are innately against the poor. I knew where this was headed, the liberal who debates not with logic and facts, but with emotion euphoric illusion. As I am discovering more than a few black people refuse to even listen to Herman’s message. Unfortunately an entitlement welfare state is a poison that paralyzes all races, it just so happens Herman Cains example made it a fact.
Now Cains getting attacked by the national government run media with impunity. Why because they understand most blacks look at Cain as a pariah, they are giving him the old Clarence Thomas. Gingrich/Cain 2012 prediction, dig it.


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