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Hate Speach (intro)

I was a willing participant in the Digital Circus last night from the comfort of my couch nestled in a secure location within the boundaries of the Earth’s greatest Nation, America.  The impeachment process has leaked into the Judiciary Committee, like the lethal cocktail flowing through IV leaks into the arm of a condemned man; only this is a nation at risk of perishing.

I couldn’t help realizing the disproportionate number of angry blacks, followed by even angrier Jews, enthusiastically slandering the President. Am I allowed to point this out? Does this mere observation make me a “hater”?

Hate Speech” is perhaps the most insidious and ingenious invention that the left has ever put forward, lending a seismic blow to the United States’ most sacred liberty, free speech. In the days of limp-wristed, uber-sensitive butt-hurt babies, a ballsy opinion can not only keep you from getting laid, but it can lead to litigation or even jail.

Curtailing free speech may seem like a cheap victory for a nation’s woke population, but dig this, the pendulum always swings back and it’s not always a pretty picture.