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Glock Russmans Corner


Glock Russmans Corner”
I was wandering around the super market last Sunday, trying to recall why I was there. I don’t have Alzheimer’s or traumatic brain injury, but it seems that whenever I visit the store I purchase everything but what I intended on buying. Any who, I am waiting in the 12 or less line and the man in front of me, with 482 items is cashing out. The gentleman had a very hard time speaking English, he was probably a professor at a local college. Usually this would become a staggeringly long process, thank goodness the cashier was also from an Hispanic origin, they talked like old friends.
So I stood there pursuing the Star magazine wondering, “Why doesn’t Angelina just leave, if Brad continues to cheat?” More importantly I began to think, “Where am I Mexico?” Not that either of these men were probably from the 51ststate. Still, I thought, “Learn the language, if you adore your country so much, why did you leave? This is America, we have our own heritage, if you don’t like it go.”
And then, because I had so much time to ponder, in the express lane, I reasoned, “You know what? I really do love America, I don’t even drink beer and watch NASCAR, but I am serious I am lucky to be born here. Maybe God truly blessed me. This is amazing.”
In the USA you are free, free to be Americans. If you work hard and follow the rules the law of averages says you’ll be more than OK take a look at this short video by Walter E Williams


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